Opel has a new logo and new slogan

Opel has a new logo and new slogan

"The future belongs to everyone" is the new slogan of the Opel brand. What message you want to convey ?: democratize future technologies and put them available to everyone. The automotive industry is changing very fast. The vehicle itself is no longer the center of attention. the focus is now focused on the mobility of people, it is a whole paradigm shift. Mechanical to digital, fuel to electricity, owning an automobile-based mobility solutions every need.

For Opel, the future is not an elitist luxury, but a quality of life for everyone. Opel has been a pioneer in democratizing innovations Premium and technologies. The introduction of three-way catalyst and installation on all passenger full-size airbags have been considered milestones in environmental and safety awareness. More recently, LED matrix light IntelliLux in the middle and compact segments, connectivity and personal assistant Opel OnStar service or Opel Ampera electric car-e are examples.

A new logo for Opel

The beginning of the new era for Opel also transmitted by the new Opel Blitz. The brand logo has been redesigned. From now on, all communication channels use a logo with Opel 2D appearance clear. Obviously, the basic components of the distinctive Opel logo will remain-a circle as a symbol of a wheel and lightning purely as a sign of power. Easy to recognize at a glance.

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