The world map marks most wanted cars in Google by country

The world map marks most wanted cars in Google by country

The first: that certain brands are searched in Google is not synonymous with that are the best sellers, not even the most desirable. You may be typed their names because just launched a concrete model that awakens expectation or perhaps a case of widespread mechanical breakdowns. A good example is Spain, where the manufacturer's tracked in 2016 was Volkswagen.

The second: the only source considered in the study -by Quickco, an English website components-, is Google; China, Russia and South Korea are other popular search engines that have not been considered. Given the population of these countries, Nor can associate the number of consultations with potentially able to make people.

Toyota, BMW and Hyundai's "top" of Google

Made two exceptions, the distribution of marks on Google search is headed by Toyota (74 countries), followed by BMW (51 countries) and Hyundai (17 countries): the three account for 73% of the map of a total of 193 nations. Conversely, Ford, Citroen, Seat and Nissan not appear.

Most wanted car brands in EuropeIf we compare these results with manufacturers sell more, in the case of Toyota roughly it corresponds: in 2016 was second with 10,175 million vehicles sold worldwide. However, the brand's sales last year was Volkswagen, with 10,310 million units; if we look at their searches Google, they are limited only to some European countries and in America, Uruguay.

In Spain we are looking for Volkswagen

In our country the most sought after brand is Volkswagen, although it is the best-selling Renault.

Which it does not appear anywhere near is Seat And, in the world of Google, no matter the nationality and patriotic sentiment. Only France, Germany, Italy and Sweden have your favorite searches on domestic manufacturers: Renault, BMW, Fiat and Volvo.

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