7 personalities drivers behind the wheel, and you who you are?

7 personalities drivers behind the wheel, and you who you are?

Surely the vast majority of us say that we are good drivers. However, we would be fooling ourselves if we denied that we have ever taken a different personality when we are driving and attitude and / or other driver maneuver us altered. And, depending on our personality or our mood, we can react in a totally unexpected way when we are driving.

Goodyear and the London School of Economics (LSE) have been proposed identify these patterns of behavior among drivers. His first study, for what they have done focus groups and depth interviews with European drivers they have left a total of 7 personalities seen from the point of view of social psychology. Here goes:

7 personalities drivers behind the wheel

The teacher

That soul teacher who comes out when we are driving and We feel the need to see the other drivers who have done wrong. Not only that, but we expect a medal for our work teaching to others.

The Sabelotodo (or 'the Tolosa')

Of these there is in all places and fields of society, but also on the road. All drivers are incompetent unless he, and is screaming to see the rest from the protection that gives you your own vehicle. To reason will be impossible.


Watch out, do not try to overtake this type of driver who will not leave him easy. Some even will close the road, in that case we are in a real danger, a kamikaze. They are angry if you advance in the supermarket others with the shopping cart?

the Justiciero

It's not a superhero, but backwards. this conductor punish other drivers when you think you have done wrong, which it does not always have to be. It leaves the car, he starts screaming and even threatening. The best in these cases, turn a deaf ear ... we have seen cases where these drivers come to attack the rest.

"I am all the time through people's gaze ', said a driver of this group in an interview.

7 personalities drivers behind the wheel

The fugitive

You see seldom interact with other drivers, simply because It is fun listening to music or talking to mobile with another person to isolate. According to this study, it is also 'a strategy not to feel frustrated from the start. "

'I love getting in the car and go about my business, doing what I have to do'; Okay, but that does not interfere with safe vehicle with the rest ...

The philosopher

No, not Pep Guardiola in the mouth of his former pupil Zlatan Ibrahimovic. It is the driver that all presume to be and rarely is closer to reality. When the rest is wrong, this character accepts the mistakes and try to give them a logical and rational explanation. Plus, He is able to control his feelings, good for him / her.

'I do not usually get nervous. What happens is that everyone is in a hurry ', word philosopher behind the wheel.


The other drivers are a constant danger, and of course, the way is totally impersonal. 'Annoying drivers seem to me dangerous, I need to get away from them', He says evasively pilot in a discussion group.