5 sports more ‘cheap’ to enjoy driving

The cheapest 5 sports to enjoy drivingThe cheapest 5 sports to enjoy drivingThe cheapest 5 sports to enjoy drivingThe cheapest 5 sports to enjoy driving

Alfa Romeo 4CAlfa 4C

It has been one of the latest sports models hit the market, we talk about the new Alfa Romeo 4C, the car more passional the moment offered in the current range of the Italian brand (not to mention the versions Quadrifoglio Verde MiTo and Giulietta's). Rear engined, rear-wheel drive, 240 hp power, just 895 kg! weight ... the signing of the 'biscionne' shoot you straight to the heart with this little devil. Our colleague Lorenzo Alcocer was one of the first Spanish journalists put their commanders and so began his article: "what you see, what you find out, you touch it, you listen, the sidelights and immediately feel like a pure Ferrari ... for beginners. Maserati is manufactured and sold with the beautiful Alfa Romeo shield. You can imagine what kind of sport is ... you're right: the new Alfa 4C". More on Alfa Romeo 4C.

Subaru BRZToyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ

Twin brothers, boxer engine four-cylinder horizontally opposed, rear wheel getting all the arsenal of force ... Toyota Y Subaru also they want to be protagonists in the more passionate side of the car with its vibrant GT86 Y BRZ. Who said only Toyota cars was 'boring' and efficient? The GT86 is silence many mouths. And what do you think of the BRZ, the other major thoroughbred Subaru WRX STI next to? More about the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.


Innate sportsmanship and fun of the rear propulsion BMW drizzled with a more than attractive design, BMW Z4 usually occupies these rankings of sports and rafters to enjoy driving. With a range of engines ranging from 156 to 340 hp (the latter version, the Z4 35is sDrive DKG exceeds 60,000 euros), with any version can I have a great time their commanders well boast a two-seater roadster with a great aesthetic appeal. Of all variants, we recommend version Z4 35i sDrive 306 hp DKG coupled to automatic dual clutch seven-speed (also available with six-speed manual transmission). More on the BMW Z4

Porsche CaymanPorsche Cayman

Talk about a ranking of sports and not include Porsche model can prove quite a sacrilege for true lovers of cars. By putting the limit of 60,000 euros, we could not select reference references the true sporting spirit (myth 911), although in the end brand of Stuttgart we are at an interesting price the Porsche Cayman is available with boxer engine characteristic DNA Porsche six cylinders, in this case, a 275 hp 2.7. More on the Porsche Cayman

Nissan 370Z NismoNissan 370Z Nismo

For something less than 58,000 euros, now you can enjoy all Japanese warrior as is the Nissan 370Z Nismo in coupe version. With the knowledge work of the department Nismo (name resulting from the union of the words Nissan and Motorsport), you have before you a car rear propulsion engine 3.7 V6 of 344 hp (version 2015 370Z Nismo announces 355 hp) a design with many aggressive details. quite a treat, no doubt. More about the Nissan 370Z Nismo.

Other 'cockerels fight', what would you add or would select your own ranking?

I'm sure you've thought about any of the GTI compact sports such as Volkswagen Golf GTI Y Golf R, he Opel Astra OPC, he Seat Leon Cupra, he Renault Mégane R.S., he Ford Focus ST, he Mercedes A 45 AMG, he 1 Series BMW M135i, he Audi S3... besides coupes with good arguments as RCZ R or the Scirocco R and, not forgetting, of small and 'poussin' Abarth 500, all of them undoubtedly interesting alternatives to enjoy driving. What would you choose? Give us your opinion and choose the best sports cars of the time.