The seven Finalists Car of the Year 2016 in Europe

European Car of the Year 2016: 7 finalistsEuropean Car of the Year 2016: 7 finalistsEuropean Car of the Year 2016: 7 finalistsEuropean Car of the Year 2016: 7 finalists

Of the 35 aspiring models European Car of the Year 2016, 58 European judges have made a first selection to choose seven finalists that will compete for best car for 2016. Now is the time to look, reassess both the Audi A4, BMW 7 Series, Jaguar XE, Mazda MX-5, Opel Astra, Skoda Superb and Volvo XC90 to meet successor the current winner, the European Car of the Year 2015 is the Volkswagen Passat. Each jury has 25 points to be distributed among at least five models and can not exceed the limit of 10 points for a model. The vote will take place the last week of February to be made public on winner of the European Car of the Year 2016 the evening before the start of the Geneva Motor Show on February 29.

Audi A4

Impeccable embodiment, quality, in-board technology and a dynamic plus I had failed the previous generation. He can penalize the scandal of Volkswagen Group diesel engines.

BMW 7 Series

It has it all and all you have is the best. It is a type of car you can hardly get high on the final vote because its exclusivity and price positioning is its main handicap.

Jaguar XE

Interesting alternative to the sedan German Premium. his sports feeling can scratch many votes, Like its different design than what is customary to date Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

Mazda MX-5

It is always a satisfaction that a niche product pass the cut. And more a flagship model, iconic in its latest generation. Love for style, fun to your flyer... You can scratch a lot of points and be very high.

Opel Astra

My big favorite because it represents as none habitually It is a winning car Car of the Year. It is a volume model that has evolved greatly to position it at the height of the best in the segment.

Skoda Superb

did not find cracks, it is a product full and round, with a plus of emotional design that until now were in Skoda. Space King, taking advantage of Volkswagen Group arsenal of mechanical and technological level ... The current European Car of the Year is a sedan, the Volkswagen Passat, ¿repeat type of car the jury?

Volvo XC90

It has been hard to get this new generation but comes with strength in terms of exterior design and especially interior and mechanical solutions, connectivity, qualities... It is the only SUV from the list and arguments to stand up to German hegemony.

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