The world of Camper, commercial vehicles and leisure

The world of Camper, commercial vehicles and leisureThe world of Camper, commercial vehicles and leisureThe world of Camper, commercial vehicles and leisureThe world of Camper, commercial vehicles and leisure

These times of crisis that we are not the most conducive to business expansion of commercial vehicles for the leisure-the so-called Camper- stage; But as with witches, "if any Hayles." Nonetheless, the current offer is fairly consistent models Camper and potential customers have a handful of vehicles to choose from; an issue which, as always, depends on how thick are the portfolio.

This is where models the modifications made basically affect the facilities and equipment that are included inside; while externally vehicles incorporate only significant changes that alter their appearance or dimensions with respect to a conventional version.

This section of commercial vehicles of entertainment we find two "lines of work". In the first enter the versions made "at source" by vehicle manufacturers themselves and in the second we would find those models that have gone through the hands of specialized processors coachbuilders.


The world of Camper, commercial vehicles and leisureCamper offer starts with small format versions performed on vehicles segment FurgoVan and it extends to variants of up to 3,500 kg and both closed cockpit chassis; not to mention higher power racks used to perform motorhomes. In the first case we have the leisure alternative Volkswagen Caddy Tramper; which can be supplied on normal or Maxi rack. This model, which is unique in this segment, maintains a conventional exterior appearance and It remains inside the five seats allowing its use as a daily car.

On the back it features a pull-out bed that, once all the seats folded down, can accommodate two adults with some comfort. Among the trousseau available to place curtains on all windows they are supplied; a folding table with chairs; various canvas bags to deposit the usual objects, etc.

Needless to say, given its size it is not possible to have a cooking stove or refrigerator fixed, but if it is possible to build a mobile type that when the vehicle is stopped can be placed in a kind of tent that fits the tailgate of Tramper and allows significantly expand the usable space.

You California and Marco Polo

In the segment of vans up to 2.8 tonnes list of candidates expands slightly, although It remains Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles -with a long tradition in this segment- who leads by far the supply of vehicles with different versions available on the California series. The assortment makes available from a basic finish, which includes only bed convertible into seats; to the fullest where we find pop-up roof where stands a bunk bed and kitchen with two burners, fridge-freezer or independent heating.

A similar provision to which is supplied on another model that is referenced in this segment -the Mercedes Marco pole- made on the basis of a Vito / Viano chassis. Although California and Marco Polo are the most popular and consolidated in this segment commercial alternatives; Camper this transformation can also be performed on Nissan Primastar, Opel Vivaro or Renault Trafic.

Meanwhile, Ford It has been offering in recent times leisure vehicle on short frame and high ceiling Transit, marketed under the name of Nugget.

Size does matter

The world of Camper, commercial vehicles and leisureWhen we talk about leisure vehicles input we must recognize that size is an important factor. About 3.5 tons vans we find some completions Camper by specialist coachbuilders; given that the starting format provide a range of facilities and equipment unthinkable in other segments.

In this case size allows us to have a more complete equipment and especially a toilet cubicle -with chemical toilet and a small shower-; very important for independence and autonomy that provides vehicle occupants element. As usual allocation we find a refrigerator with freezer at least 100 liters; kitchen with three stoves, different distributions of beds, both fixed and convertible; cabinets, etc.

Given its format these models also have greater autonomy in all its benefits; because they have water tanks of greater capacity. This kind of changed the chassis can be found on Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter; Peugeot Boxer, etc.

The world of motorhomes

Outside and the panorama of Camper vehicles; motorhomes would complete the offer commercial vehicle entertainment; although in this case it is carrozados on racks that can reach even 6,500 kg of MMA and where we are products of all brands. In this case motor performance; capabilities and equipment levels will always be based on the needs and user preferences.

In a first block we would find those RV performed on racks for MMA 3.5 tons, which have the advantage of being driven with a license B; going from here to a second world for the truck license is needed.

The possibilities offered by these vehicles, both in terms of capacity and staffing and equipment, They have limit acquisitive "power" buyer; and in its endowment we can incorporate all the goodies that current electronics and telecommunications allow us.

Issue price

The world of Camper, commercial vehicles and leisureContrary to what we might assume at first, Camper models are comparatively more expensive than a motorhome, as a "basic" version of a Camper has a price can be around 45,000 euros; which can be expanded up to 70,000 euros if we choose an engine of about 180 hp, four-wheel drive and automatic transmission.

While for just over 45,000 euros it is now possible to obtain a new motorhome, not very big, but with everything needed to be self-sufficient, and 70,000 euros can be owners with a "device" with a first class equipment. As always it is the buyer who must measure their wants and needs and choose the option that suits you.