small electric cars sold in Spain

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He PSA and Mitsubishi 3 years share the same electrical model each brand called (Citroen C-Zero iOn and Mitsubishi i-Miev) and markets (Citroën It offers a wider range of) equipment independently. The Citroen C-Zero iOn and Mitsubishi i-Miev were the first electric vehicles coming to market showing a manufacturing quality and surprising and convincing performance. They feature a 67 hp engine that allows them to get moving hard and fast. The ride quality is very good and the final set transmits a high pleasure of use. For their size, they are urban (and 4 places) models, but on the outskirts solvents and also feel safe.

The same applies to the Renault Zoe, combining city with small suburban paths, possibly with greater solvency engine, good performance and above all a greater autonomy, by far the most difficult obstacles still to be overcome electric cars. Zoe also cares functional aspects with equipment in the line of an equivalent conventional car and trunk It really lends itself to be used as cargo space.

Renault Zoe

Within the French brand, Twizy It is the best example of car Electrical oriented city, by performance and size. The end result is far from what we understand as automobile, not only for their two-seater in tandem, also for its no equipment (Or conventional windows or air conditioning, or trunk) and its behavior conditioned by hard steering unassisted and one firm suspension that make driving more uncomfortable. driving license type B is not required; just moped license for version 45 and the card type A1 for 80.

At the other end is placed the BMW i3, the model sophisticated, refined and higher quality manufacturing of all the electrical market, with permission of Tesla. Its lightweight chassis aluminum and carbon and powerful engine 170 CV They give an excellent dynamism. It seems in part a contradiction such dynamic capacity in a limited autonomy and recharge possibilities in our country road car, but the model is ready to be used almost like a conventional car. Their equipment is up to a whole BMW.

BMW i3

Check out the table below and compares their characteristics. values ​​the load times and autonomy and note also that Renault offers battery in lease, so you have to pay a monthly fee depending on the kilometers that you contract. At prices, you must subtract each autonomous aid applies to the purchase of the electric cars. Electrifícate.


C-ZERO / ack / i-Miev

BMW i3

Renault Twizy 80 (45)

Renault Zoe


67 CV

170 hp

17 (5) CV

88 CV

Capacity total / useful battery

16 / 15.2 kWh

22 / 18.8 kWh

7 kWh / N.D

N.D / 22 kWh


150 km

190 km

100 (120) km

210 km

Recharge time 230 V household outlet

6 hours

8.30 hours

3.30 hours

No charge to 230 V

Recharge time especially post or fast charge

30 min (80%)

5 or 3 hours


9 hours / 1 hour (80%)

Acel. 0 to 100 km / h

15.9 s

7.2 s


13,5 s

Vel. max

130 km / h

150 km / h

80 (45) km / h

135 km / h



347 x 148 x 161 cm

399 x 178 x 158 cm

234 x 140 x 145 cm

408 x 173 x 156 cm


166 liters

260 liters

Do not

338 liters

Price without subsidies

From 29,890 €

35,500 €

7,930 (7,200) € plus 52 € per rental month battery

From 21,950 e (more than 76 € month battery rental