The theft fashion! Sports car accessories

Steering wheels, tires ... sports pieces are fashioned theftSteering wheels, tires ... sports pieces are fashioned theftSteering wheels, tires ... sports pieces are fashioned theftSteering wheels, tires ... sports pieces are fashioned theft

Theft has always been one of the main problems in the automotive world and it affected (and affects) all kinds of cars, whatever its range. However, in a good part of the time the cheapest cars are usually found after a few days, since it is not uncommon for thieves to use them as means of transport to commit other robberies, while high-end cars is unluckiest easy to run and it is easy to quickly disappear from European boundaries.

Many of these high-end cars that are stolen are sold whole in less developed countries, but also son "butchered" to facilitate their sale and shipment these regions and to save the obstacles put by the European police and selling pieces that are very difficult to locate because they have no frame number, as happens in the case of selling cars in its entirety.

The latter type of theft, of "dismembering" cars, It has been growing in recent years with a very specific purpose: to steal pieces of high-end sports to then be replaced cars as a third tuning in illegal workshops or selling Internet at much lower prices than its actual value.

AMG wheel

Theft of accessories: an activity booming

The first cases of these types of thefts began to take three or four years ago in Madrid, but with time already it spreads to other parts of Spain (Valladolid to twelve cars appeared without steering wheel in one night last March). The modus operandi of the thieves is clear to the police. First, they locate the car and continue to community usually rest garages where these vehicles. During follow-up it may be the case that criminals do with car access code to facilitate the work later.

Once at night, It takes advantage of the tranquility that reigns in community garages where also it is very easy to hide if a neighbor down at dawn to his car. There, open the car with the code or breaking the glass, quickly introduced into the car and just take a few seconds to remove the steering wheel airbag inclusive multimedia systems or shifter. Furthermore, in a number of cases they are made with the locking wheel nut of the wheels and also to take advantage wheels with tires.

The most traded items, therefore, are steering wheels and wheels, because of its ease to be removed quickly. In fact, are rare chances that thieves prey to seek other valuables inside.

RS spoiler

black market

The destination of the parts is evident. The black car market is full of ruffles and tires with logos of sports divisions of high-end vehicles, as Mercedes, Audi, BMW or Lexus, but also the most prestacionales compact cars like Volkswagen Golf R, Renault Megane RS or the Ford Focus ST and RS.

In this way, tunning illegal workshops or individuals sell the stolen pieces for inclusion in customer cars and thus wear these with much more expensive than standard equipment parts.

Cost of repairs and how to avoid it

The costs of these repairs are usually quite expensive if not having a comprehensive insurance. In fact, subtracting the steering wheel can assume from 2,000 to 3,000 euros, depending on the damage caused in support thereof, as well as the number of items that have been harmed, as the lights or turn signals.

Gear lever

As for the wheels, the sum varies obviously depending on the quality of the tires mounted tires and the multimedia equipment are also valued at several thousand euros.

It is difficult to avoid becoming a victim of these types of thefts, as the few seconds that thieves are slow to act and ease to transport the stolen pieces in backpacks or other cars, in the case of the wheels, it makes prevention difficult.

However, the main measures we can find is that of install a good alarm in the car, video surveillance cameras in community garages that, at least, will deter the less seasoned or something that almost none do, be careful when we put the car in the garage and look at that no one by that door, since the output of the thieves of it is very simple therefore it is normal that the doors count on quick opening in case of fire and no key is not necessary.

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