The winning car in 2016 Best Cars Awards in Spain

The winning car in 2016 Best Cars Awards in Spain

The Best Cars awards 2016 in Spain they already have winning cars. Total, 11,565 readers our fans country cars have cast their vote and have elected best car in each category.

From those more than 11,500 Spanish who have cast their vote in the Best Cars awards 2016, 91.4 percent are men and 8.6 percent women. Of all voters, 37.1 percent have a car less than five and walking with your vehicle an average of 21,600 km per annum.

The average age of Spanish voters Best Cars awards 2016 is 45.7 years and up 77.3 percent of the total are satisfied with your current car. Of these more than 11,500 readers of our country, 30.6 percent arises brand new car over the next two years.

The Best Cars awards 2016 They are organized in Spain by Motorpress Iberian through its magazines FREEWAY, CURRENT CAR, DUAL CARRIAGEWAY Y CAR and web page.

Best Cars 2016 awards: winning cars by category

- Micros: Abarth 595/695

- Little ones: Mini

- compacts: Mercedes CLA

- Media: Alfa Romeo Giulia

- Big: Maserati Ghibli

- higher: Porsche Panamera

- coupes: Porsche 911

- overdrafts: Ferrari 488 Spider

- SUV / TT Compacts: Range Rover Evoque

- SUV / TT Large: Porsche Macan

- MPVs: Renault Espace

- Paul Pietsch Technological Innovation: Intelligent lighting system Opel IntelliLux