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When deciding on buying a car, advertising influences, that is clear. Every time we turn over to digital media in order to know the product and inform us, to finally realize the purchase at the dealership, and advertisers are turning to create Internet campaigns. But did they succeed? The American company Rocket Fuel, which is dedicated to managing advertising campaigns and studying what is the ideal for each campaign audience (just installed in Spain), has the keys to what is needed for an online advertising success. For it has analyzed the results of 7,500 digital advertising ads on cars handled between September and November 2013.

How is the online shopper?

74 percent of Internet users say they "always" investigates the network before purchasing the new vehicle. Most users (96%) perform the query on your PC or laptop, and slightly less than a third one tablet (30%) or smart phone (28%) are served. Almost all begin to make their first steps at least five months before carrying out the purchase (51%); 21% 3-4 months; 22%, one or two months; and only 6% begins to investigate with less than one month in advance.

The last week before the purchase is the most important boost sales, and that 59 percent of Internet users often reduces the selection to a single model time. During these days, advertisers should focus on strengthening their marketing efforts to gain ground and topple mainly on price and configuration options. For buyers who are considering more than one vehicle, it is essential to attract your attention to criteria such as effectiveness and safety.

What are the keys to success?

According to the list compiled by Rocket Fuel, these are the top five tips for creatives cars more effective:

1-The most important price specials. Advertisements in the price shown and are not included promotional offers are those that work best.

2-Choose black or white backgrounds.

3-The important thing is the car, not people. Ad effectiveness increases when shown images of vehicles and only benefit people when they appear next to the car.

4-He speaks of reliability and proven success. Safety messages, reliability and prizes won are the most effective tools.

5-Allow the user to create their own model. Providing the Internet user the ability to set your own vehicle, including extra items it deems appropriate and controlling the price manages to attract a lot of attention to the advertising campaign.

When you think about cars, what brand you first come to mind?

Toyota Y Ford dominate the minds of Internet users, perhaps because their campaigns have made more impression on prospective buyers. They are followed, in order, Opel Y Sling.

And when they think of a premium brand?

As it is Lexus in this case the cat to water takes. Followers BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes Y Audi.