¿Black boxes in cars from 2020?

¿Black boxes in cars from 2020?

In fact, most of today's vehicles have a black box series. It is called Event Data Recorder (EDR) and it is the size of a pack of snuff. It is connected to the ECU of the airbag and hidden under the carpet driver. Ten nanoseconds registers the car's speed, acceleration, hard braking, steering wheel movement and position of safety belts.

Far from being aimed at improving road safety, automakers began installing them to cover himself against possible claimsThose with which they can demonstrate that the airbag jumped when I had to jump or that the accident was due to human error, among other things. In a collision, the EDR memorizes the last five seconds of way.

Russia has taken the first steps to use these devices towards road safety. The Russian government is considering making compulsory the installation a 'One state media communication navigation information received by tachographs or other technical equipment with measuring functions' (EGSNI, by its Russian acronym) in all cars manufactured after 2020. 'EGSNI may be used, inter alia, with the aim of detect violations of traffic laws and administrative punishment of offenders', explains the newspaper Izvestia.

In Spain and have recently been cases in which Black Box has served to reconstruct the circumstances in which the accident occurred. Earlier this year, a woman died in a clash between the taxi he was riding and a heavy truck. Initially accused the cabbie a homicide, but the car EDR earned him to be exonerated: the taxi stood suddenly in the middle of the road to fuel exhaustion without notice. In the minutes before it had melted the onboard computer was not working and no pilot dashboard. Thus, the driver could not avoid the collision. All this information revealed the black box.

Meanwhile, the Ertzaintza said a few weeks ago an accident Deciphering the telemetry of the vehicle involved. Initially it was thought that the cause of the accident was speeding, but the EDR revealed that it was not 'traveling at 75 kilometers per hour, reduced to 63 and crashed to 12, it's not what it seemed' explains Manuel Santos, head of the department Accident Reconstruction of the regional police. 'It's like a puzzle with instructions to recompose' he says.

However, reading the black boxes have certain obstacles. Translate alphanumeric information issued by the EDR is not an easy task and in Spain there are very few experts able to.

But the biggest obstacle is legal. Protection laws European data not contemplate the help you can assume decrypt the data of an EDR. 'Since 2010 the Government of the United States requires car manufacturers to provide the information is recorded after an accident to the authorities', explains Manuel Santos. 'In the EU still they are thinking, "he adds. Receive or not authorization varies depending on the country and the event for which it is required.

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