New law used car spare parts: everything you need to know

New law used car spare parts: everything you need to know

On January 22 came into force new Royal Decree that affects the regulation on vehicles at the end of its useful life. The new features are focused on specifying the scope of the standard, describe in detail the process performed by authorized vehicles at the end of its useful life centers, take measures to prevent it from occurring double funding management of vehicles and their components and complete some provisions on the obligations of producers and other economic agents.

When a replacement is illegal

The spares must come, necessarily, of a CAT: those who do not have that source be illegal. The CAT is the only authorized to reuse and sell parts and components of vehicles that have previously caused deregistration in the General Registry of the DGT vehicles and decontaminated.

This means that those platforms that advertise illegal parts, either by ignoring their origin or be the individuals or companies other than CAT, They have legal liability. Workshops have also riding in vehicles used parts knowing their origin is not a CAT and the particular, consciously, installed in your car a reused parts of illegal origin.

Further, They can cause serious damage resulting from the fitting of the illegal part used in a vehicle: For example, if the car is subject to an accident, insurance may it not take over.

Cars with all parts

When an individual wants to get rid of your car and not have to pay for delivery to CAT, although the vehicle without market value or this is negative. Necessarily the car may not have been the subject of any prior disassembly of parts or components. For so be it, the CAT notify the competent Ministry of the relevant community this deficiency.

What about second-hand tires?

Royal Decree clearly specifies what happens to the tires. The manufacturer already has its own management system based on the model replacement: when we go to a workshop to change one of our car tires are retreaded or recycled.

With the new regulations, CAT has two possibilities: either recovered in the separation process of components for sale or delivery managers tire. In the first case, if the sale is to an individual, it must be given another tire replaced at the time of sale. If marketing is a workshop, it does not have to return any used tire, but you must submit a certificate to the CAT in which makes clear its obligation to deliver to a manager when you receive them.

With this new system, the Ministry may be aware of the movements generated used tires and what the manager tires with them.

Why new rules?

The new Royal Decree It solves the problems that had arisen since the adoption of the previous legislation in 2002. With it, pursues adaptation to a European directive which seeks maximum recycling of a vehicle at the end of its useful life, reusing as many parts as possible ensuring better and superior recycling of materials.

In addition, the new Royal Decree It aims to extend the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer which forces together with importers, organize and finance the collection and management of cars that achatarren and treatment of waste they generate.

for Aedra (Spanish Association of Automobile and recycling Shipbreakers) "The approval of this Royal Decree is the result of a long negotiation process with the Administration and with the sectors involved. Our assessment is very positive, as it is a legal framework that solves the problems arising from the application of the above Royal Decree. Definitely, this new R.D is good news for everyone, " informs us Rafael Pardo, Director General of Aedra.

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