Are you interested in actually buying an electric car?

Is it profitable to buy an electric car?Is it profitable to buy an electric car?Is it profitable to buy an electric car?Is it profitable to buy an electric car?

Maybe at some point you've raised the Buying an electric car and after seeing the price, are you have removed the desire to continue. Is it profitable to buy an electric? But above all, When will compensate its acquisition? The high cost of these models, more when compared with traditional combustion, is a barrier for many drivers. And we are talking about differences, as in the case before us as examples We put a Renault Clio and Renault Zoe, of more than 10,000 euros from each other. Renault offers, for example, the option to rent the battery, which considerably lowers the price, but in return, we will have to pay a monthly fee for renting it. Fee in the shortest cases is 69 euros and an annual mileage of only 7,500 kilometers.

Of course, keep in mind that at the time of purchase, the electric car will be exempt from paying registration tax. In addition, the launch of Movea days ago Plan, 5,500 euros subsidizes the purchase of a car of this type, to which must be added the help of the dealer.

Once saved the purchase price, they are more advantages which will tip the balance in favor of electric cars. The first, the cost resulting from maintenance. For a model with these features you will make fewer visits to the workshop. Unlike combustion engines, electrical require no periodic maintenance. With the electric car forget the timing belt, spark plugs, oil change, fuel filter, air filter... The differences begin to make clear from the second year of the vehicle, killing about a hundred euros for electricity.

When it is profitable to buy an electric carAnother factor that will clearly help even things out between the two technology is the fuel cost. With proper rate at home, we can get to save half the cost of electricity. This can be translated into pay less than one euro per hundred kilometers, by more than six euros on average we would have to pay to go the same kilometers with a diesel car.

Apart from the fixed costs associated with maintenance and fuel, Also in the day to day we will find other ways of saving the electric car. Say the combustion model you are forced to pay a monthly parking space, with electrical cost to park in the city can be zero, since it is exempt from paying parking in areas regulated.

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