BMW already sells more electric and hybrid sports

What outsells BMW, electric and hybrid or sports?What outsells BMW, electric and hybrid or sports?What outsells BMW, electric and hybrid or sports?What outsells BMW, electric and hybrid or sports?

The results of Sales for the first six months of 2017 have made one thing clear at BMW: the pluggable electric and hybrid cars Bavarian brand, known as BMW i and BMW IPerformance, and they accumulate a higher volume of sales than most sports cars, the BMW M and BMW M Performance range.

This occurs for the first time worldwide: The Germans have recorded sales of 41,875 units of its models Electrified, among which BMW i3, i8 and the entire series of plug-in hybrids; instead, models with "M" seal of BMW have built 38,098 units sold during the first half of the year.

Efficiency or sportsmanship? Clearly BMW is a manufacturer that gets both sections in such different ranges: electric and hybrid brand (especially the BMW i8) are also characterized by high doses of fun, excitement, performance and effectiveness; sports cars "M" get nothing bad for the amount of power that develop records. But for now, what the sales figures say, is that today prevails efficiency.

BMW i8

Same scenario with BMW in Spain

The BMW i e IPerformance outsell BMW M and M Performance is nothing new in our country, as in 2016 this situation was completely (Note table below). He first semester the year has only just confirm the trend and another very important thing in six months They have been obtained almost the same sales figures throughout 2016 -368 sports BMW 596 BMW Electrified sold in our country.

This exponential trend of sales of both ranges also it has also given worldwide. In Spain, he sharing in families It has been this way: of the 368 units sold in the sporty range, BMW M models have taken 72 percent of the total, with 268, while the BMW M Performance has sold 95 units in Spain.

If we look at the BMW "plugged", in our country the Bavarian brand has sold 322 units i3, i8 9 of a total of 265 units of plug-in hybrids, the most sold the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, with 125 units in total.






2017 (first semester)

BMW M and

M Performance








e IPerformance







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