Increases the rear space of your car with RiveMove

Increases the rear space of your car with RiveMove

It is called RiveMove and serves to maximize space in the rear of the car when one or more child seats are being installed (SRI). To place, the vehicle only needs to have Isofix, like the SRI, to be Group II and III. The system supports 90% of the fleet and 100% of the chairs.

Five places where previously there were four

Explaining in a simple way, RiveMove is a metal bar on one side carries two grippers Isofix, similar to wearing a SRI: they comply with the Isofix anchorages you have the car. On the other side, there are two anchors fixing, Similar to the vehicle carrying: Isofix clamps on them the SRI are inserted.

The metal bar has a guide and four holes that permit shifting the fixing anchors 50 or 70 mm sideways. With this movement is achieved that the chair, once is fixed with RiveMove, it moves and approaches the vehicle door, resulting in an increase of space in the center rear, allowing more adults travel comfortably and more safely, to be able to support the back on the back.

More safety for the child

The question that may arise is whether to bring with RiveMove child's chair to the door of the car is more dangerous in the event of an accident. It is not because using this device reduces up to 20% the value of brain damage in case of accident to minimize the rotation effect that occurs when the seat and the child in a side impact rotate. This movement can cause serious injury to the small, since his head hitting the door and even against the back and earmuffs chair.

Further, testing technology RiveMove -tested in an independent international technology center, CSI S.p.A.- credited this device absorbs some of the energy received in an accident, reducing the child's strength and therefore injuries in case of accident.

Compatible with all chairs of Groups II and III

Move Rive supports 100% of car seats Groups II and III equipped with Isofix, Isoclic or similar systems. Soon increase compatibility with chairs Groups 0 and I.

It is tested for SRI installed in the car in the direction of the mark, to countershaft with three-point belt, with Isofix and rear window seats. You can not use the rear central square or sidewalks seven-seater cars (Folding seats).

Once installed, RiveMove can install and uninstall whenever you want; the procedure is similar and equally simple that apply and remove an SRI with Isofix.

Price: 199 euros for two units

Currently, RiveMove has a promotional price of 199 euros for two units (You can buy individually), representing 20% ​​less than the standard rate. Marketing is online, through the web

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