Audi Q7: the largest class

It measured more than five meters in length.ragged lines, sporty look.
Audi Q7 BMW X5 Volvo XC90 VW Touareg Mercedes M
Length 5.08 m 4,66 m 4.79 m 4.75 m 4.78 m
Width 1,98 m 1.87 m 1,89 m 1,92 m 1.91 m
Height 1.73 m 1.71 m 1,74 m 1,72 m 1.81 m
Trunk 775 l 465 l 613 l 555 l 551 l

He rolled through the deserts of southern Africa, Florida highways, the Nürburgring racetrack, the carreteas freezing of the Arctic Circle ...

It is not the only brand that performs these tests.

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