A tank, for sale on eBay!

If you have $ 65,000 you can buy a tank on eBayIf you have $ 65,000 you can buy a tank on eBayIf you have $ 65,000 you can buy a tank on eBayIf you have $ 65,000 you can buy a tank on eBay

It's about a M47 Patton tank and you can buy it on eBay for a starting price of $ 65,000. It is a perfect alternative for those situations where a M3 is not sufficiently robust.

Do not panic: it is not a fully functional tank. According clarifies the seller, It has been demilitarized and is not suitable for shooting. While that may want to buy it remove the boldest, the vehicle continues to be spectacular. He was born in 1955 Plant in tanks Detroit (Michigan) resulting from a contract that the US government signed with the Italian army. Between sales and leases, 2,480 of these M47 traveled to Italy in the 60s, where they were given use until the 80s.

But the story of this unit in particular it is not the same as that of the other tanks. Soon after leaving the factory, before it came to cross the Atlantic, She was withdrawn and used it as a target in a shooting in Texas. Later, 1989, its rarity which produced only 9,000 units- He attracted the attention of a private collector, who acquired it and got down to work with its restoration.

Never got to finish the job, but today tank retains between 90 and 95 percent of its original features. Among the elements included in the sales figure the original engine, a Continental 1790-5B, a movable barrel, a hatch for the driver, a box for transporting different material and fuel tanks on both sides. You just have to put the pieces together.

Given their age, the tank is in a relatively good state of preservation, says the vendor, and is able to be restored completely.

And how is it possible that such a vehicle will be on sale? Well, we're talking about U.S, and there It is completely legal to own such a vehicle. Enthusiasts Donald Trump, who have wanted to scare their neighbors, those seeking a challenge restoration ... or those who can afford to spend $ 65,000 on a tank 60 have in this offer an occasion that will probably never see repeat.

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