Do not buy car: Rent it and share it

Do not buy car: Rent it and share it

For real you need to have a car owned? Would you be able to share to minimize what it costs to keep it? amovens, enterprise mobility company, has already convinced more than one million people in Spain of the advantages of sharing and renting a vehicle. Now, thanks to a agree with ALD Automotive, offers renting for individuals: an all-inclusive also gives you the option to relet car rental when not in use.

Car in 2 minutes

Renting for private ALD allows you to choose between multiple options vehicles from different manufacturers and categories; for example, there are urban models such as a Ford Fiesta, Kia Sportage SUV as, premium as a Mercedes Class C or commercial as the Fiat Doblò.

How to apply for particular leasing ALD is very simple. Through web or application amovens is chosen between the proposed models and a request is sent. In just 30 seconds the user knows you can access this offer and receive a digital contract with all conditions.

Throughout this process, the client is advised by an agent ALD resolving any doubts that arise. In addition, it is possible ask a different car the proposed and even access to vehicle purchase when the lease contract ends, stipulated in default 36 months.

And if you want to save the fee, I realquílalo or share

Further, as renting done through amovens the customer can your car to share with other users or rent to individuals. Thus, the cost of the monthly fee can reach considerably reduced and even disappear. Amovens and ALD estimate that approximately 50% of cars on the market will benefit from this shared mobility.

For the near future, ALD and amovens are studying different formulas that mobility, as offering used from the completion of its own leasing contracts or different types of contracts including services tailored to each customer cars.

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