10 points to consider to buy a convertible car

Buy a convertible car: advantages and disadvantagesBuy a convertible car: advantages and disadvantagesBuy a convertible car: advantages and disadvantagesBuy a convertible car: advantages and disadvantages

1. Buy a convertible car: necessity or whim?

The need is not an option when decant for convertible car. The vast majority of the time is whim, and this is linked to the expression: "enjoy the feeling of freedom". Yes you really like driving and you have the budget to spare, you can taste the sensations that offers a cabrio.

2. Buy a convertible car: the price

A convertible car It does not have to be expensive. Although it all depends on what you seek. Note that the specific manual ...- technology Lona hood, sheet metal, can automatically increase final price of the car. In many cases tourism is a variant convertible body homeless that model, in some cases high demand, so the price is not very high. There are also small to very good price.

3. Buy a convertible car: limited number of passengers

The seater convertibles seats are limited. Not look for a cabrio to go with many passengers because the number of places is limited: they tend to have two or four at most. In addition, the rear are somewhat narrower and with less legroom. Convertibles are designed to enjoy the driver, not the other occupants. Keep that in mind if you have family.

Little convertible car capacity4. Buy a convertible car: trunk with little capacity

In the convertibles will you have little space available for cargo in the trunk. No matter how big and long the model chosen. The hood is usually stored in it, resulting in a loss of capacity. Check the space you have left for a suitcase or trolley, because most likely you can not take much more.

5. Buy a convertible car: types according ceilings

What ceiling you like more? Not all convertibles have the same type of roof. Here you are the different types of ceilings and opening them.

- Convertible with retractable hardtop: They are perhaps slower to open the folding roof and occupy more trunk space, but its isolation is better. They are always electric and require less maintenance.

- Convertible with fabric roof: At first they were all manual, but now most are electric. They have increasingly better insulation and usually have a wider range of colors. Maintenance is more specific.

- Targa convertible roof type. rigid body structure but the roof opening is full and keeping removing the removable parts. Usually it divided into two parts so that it can drive only one element placed.

- Convertible with sunroof: They are rollable tarpaulin or sheet. Are the ceilings that make the intermediate step before a cabriolet, with a superior to conventional folding roof surface.

Incidentally, Solar cars or convertibles are not panoramic roof.

Convertible car: petrol or diesel6. Buy a convertible car: Diesel or gasoline

The same as if you were looking for a conventional car, it is important to be clear about the motorization of the same. In the case of a cabrio it is important to take into account the rumorosidad engine. It would be appropriate to opt for an engine that does not make too much noise.

7. Buy a convertible car: safety

They are insurance? The Convertibles safety roll-over can become much lower than that of a hardtop car. We will have to look at some aspects such as safety roll-over bars.

8. Buy a convertible car: use and number of people in the family

Before making the decision ... to think which mainly you are going to use and how many are in the family. Rush, when you are going to shell out enough money, it is wrong, as are the rush.

9. Buy a convertible car: Dealer comprehensive test

Test and test. Not worth to "plant the backsides" in the driver's seat. If you go to a dealer, you ask to test the car and touch what you have to play. Must check the operation of the opening and closing of the roof and leaks.

10. Buy a convertible car: driving season

Although you can drive at any time of year with the convertible car, Ideally do in those halftime, ie, Fall and Spring. With a convertible car It must be more than ever present rain, allergies and pollution of the cities if you want Roadster.

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