The most amazing electric cars in 2016

The most amazing electric cars in 2016

Probably 2016 involves a point inflection in the history of electric cars. Maybe the scandal alteration of emissions contaminants Volkswagen It has contributed to this, but the truth is that we leave 2016 with prospects for these very different from those of a year ago propulsion. Now there are many more options, both to buy as planned for the coming months, even with the arrival of new manufacturers; the autonomy no longer a big problem, ranging in several cases over 400 km approval; faster recharge, with more refueling points in our cities and and price are not so exclusive.

Let's see, what are the models that for one reason or other have created greater expectations are.

Faraday Future FFZERO1

The Californian company exhibits in this car racing prototype FFZERO1 with Faraday Future 1000 CV the modular platform which from 2018 will play its production models. It will be very flexible, with the possibility of having one to four engines and a system of batteries chain.

Hyundai Ioniq

Ioniq with the Korean company allows under a same body choose three types of propulsion, such as car electric, hybrid or hybrid plug. The first, already a reality, announces a autonomy of 280 km, dispose of 120 hp and will be on sale in spring 2017 from 34,500 euros.

Jaguar i-PaceJaguar I-Pace

The first electric car will be a British firm 5-seater SUV, with two engines with developing 400 hp, with which accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds, and autonomy up 500 km. Jaguar is expected to I-Pace hits dealerships in 2018.

Leeco LeSEE

The proposal Leeco Chinese manufacturer with LeSEE is offering a nice sedan of air coupé faster, cheaper and sale before the Tesla S.

Generation Mercedes EQ

Presented at the last Paris Motor Show, this prototype is not only the view of the signing of the star in the electrification of vehicles but raises the Family architecture for electric cars which will go on sale in 2020.


Self-proclaimed as the electric car faster the world with the fastest lap car of this type Nürburgring (7: 05.12), Chinese NextEV NIO DS9 has four engines jointly developed 1360 CV with which accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h at 2.7 seconds and reaches 313 km / h. Promises a range exceeding 400 km.

Tesla Model 3

Probably one of the highest number of models has captured headlines worldwide. After the Roadster, Model S and Model X exclusive now comes the turn of this Tesla Model 3 is a sedan five seats, with function autonomous driving, 350 km of autonomy, an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds and a US price around $ 35,000, that will make it more accessible to other pockets. Finally introduced in sales of large masses, but it remains to see if they can meet the entire demand-and have about 400,000 pedidos- and if the operation is profitable if, as it seems, it expands over time.

Venturi VBB-3

The merit of Venturi VBB-3 was to beat the world speed record with an electric car registered in the Salt Lake Bonneville (USA) 495 km / h, far from the more than 600 km / h for which it is designed.

Volkswagen ID

It is the first important step for a family of electric cars. Yes, they are already on sale on e-Golf and e-Volkswagen Up !, but the ID will be the first to have the modular kit. Golf electrical represents a new design DNA the brand, great livability and modularity, a rear engine 170 hp and different sizes of batteries with -emplazadas under the floor- autonomies of 100 to 600 km that will lower the price of the car depending on the needs of each driver reach. Available since 2020, in 2025 it will release the fully autonomous driving, with a retractable wheel that disappear when it is activated.