5 electric cars more sold in Spain in 2015

5 electric cars more sold in Spain in 2015

The electric Smart was the most successful of its kind, with 388 units, ahead of the Nissan Leaf, with 344 units; Renault ZOE with 312 units; Renault Kangoo, with 267 units, and Nissan ENV-200, with 257 units.

Most of these registrations, 1,005, occurred in Madrid, with what you have grown from 112.47 percent in the city. On the opposite side they were placed Ceuta and Melilla, where did not take place any registration of electric vehicles.

Electric cars and SUVs increased sales by 35.78 percent, reaching 1,461 units.

With respect to last month of the year, total sales were 269 units, up 1.89 percent in December 2014. The opposite trend continued electric cars and SUVs, whose sales fell by 39.35 percent to 94 units.

These data reveal that alternative combustion vehicles -híbridos and Eléctricos- have increasing presence in the Spanish fleet, which in 2015 they accounted for 2 percent.

With these data in hand, Anfac stressed the need to continue working on the development of vehicles powered by alternative energy and further developing and improving the infrastructure network.

The environment and road safety are a priority for the automotive industry and therefore, the industry is constantly developing to find innovative methods to improve air quality in cities' he said.

Anfac also recalled that recently introduced a Mobility Plan with the proposed seven measures to derive emissions in cities up to 70 percent.

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