Taurus, the ‘Lamborghini’ artisan Spanish

Taurus, craft sports'made in Spain'Taurus, craft sports'made in Spain'Taurus, craft sports'made in Spain'Taurus, craft sports'made in Spain'

Taurus It can boast of being one of the artisan car manufacturers 'Made in Spain'. Based in Valladolid, the mark of the 'Spanish bulls' was born early 2010: With fully Spanish capital thanks to passionate entrepreneurs cars in collaboration with a small British manufacturer. So a project that continues until today emerged as two sports with own label of our country: Tauro V8 Spider and the Tauro V8 Coupé.

Two jewels on wheels created so completely handmade, with external suppliers (Tauro says most are Spanish), where sportsmanship, he luxury, he attention to detail, the noble materials and, in general, quality shape sports with front engine and rear drive. And, of course, in small runs, so that each model is unique. Something that also contribute the multiple customization options, for both exterior and interior colors to textures: for the interior we can meet carbon fiber, leather, Alcantara, aluminum, ...).

Tauro V8 Spider

First came the Tauro V8 Spider which, as you could imagine, Mount V8 engine. And not a V8 anyone, but one of nothing more and nothing less than 6.2 liters 'Small Block' of displacement and General Motors origin. Both the Spider and the closed version -this last Coupé based on the descapotable-, this huge mechanical develops 440 hp power at 6,200 rpm and 59.7 mkg torque at 4,400 rpm. not inconsiderable numbers, which can be increased to 480 hp and 65.7 mkg on call Phase1 optional preparation, and even 530 hp and 67.6 mkg in 'Phase 2'.

Standard, the engine is associated with a manual gearbox 'Tremec' six-speed, but optionally you can opt for a six-speed automatic transmission, General Motors also of origin. The transfer of power and torque reaches the rear wheels through a limited slip differential. Sportsmanship, as you can see, is the saint and the sign of Taurus. And if you do not believe, look at the data sheet and photos from our extensive gallery.

Tauro V8 Spider

Specs: Tauro Tauro V8 Spider and Coupe V8

- Motor: V8 'Small Block', 6,162 cc, 440 hp, 59.7 mkg torque.

- Maximum speed: 295 km / h (310 km / h in the Coupé)

- Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 4.0 seconds.

- Dimensions (length / width / height / wheelbase): 4.42 / 1.90 / 1.22 / 2.41 meters.

- suspensions: front and independent rear; 3 optional way adjustable dampers.

- Address: hydraulic power.

- Brakes: perforated front 360 mm, 335 mm perforated rear.

- tires: Michelin Super Sport 245/40 R19 front, 275/35 R20 rear.

Tauro V8 Spider

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