Knight Rider, and other classics

Knight Rider: Pontiac Firebird Trans AMTeam A: GMC Vandura G-1500 (1983)Team A: Chevrolet Corvette C4Batman (1960): Lincoln Futura

After talking cars of the current television series, we can not ignore the most mythical. Because it is KITT impossible to forget, the black and red van Team A Ferrari Testarossa or white Sonny Crockett of Miami Vice. With them we have grown and we are surprised leaving the channel when we caught in a revival. Dan equally deficient special effects or hackneyed scripts and minimally processed. They will always be in our hearts.

A black supercar speaking, driving alone, has feelings and is able to fly through the air. Is there anything better? KITT, known as'the fantastic car'Knight Rider in Spain or in the US It was the car that dreamed all children.

Although it is currently one of the most legendary cars in automotive history, able to be auctioned by hundreds of thousands of dollars, Pontiac Firebird Trans AM, with an engine V8 310 hp and manufactured from 1973 to 1076, He was not very successful. Only in production for three years, the American industry rejected it in the late 70 'old'. Already in the 80s, Glen A. Larson chose Motors donated a total of four units Firebird Trans AM to turn it into KITT and General. The rest is history.

Black with a red stripe and indestructible. So was the van in which Hannibal, Phoenix, MA Baracus Murdoc and his adventures ran. TO bombproof, shootings and clashes, this series of the 80s made famous the GMC vandura G-1500 1983. And he immortalized for life. The choice of this van by the producers was not by chance, had some premium items such as your sunroof. In addition, it left room for seven occupants and was powered by a motor 5.7 liter V8 and 150 hp.

It also must mention the spectacular Chevrolet Corvette C4 1984 Property dandy series: Phoenix. The flirt of the cute mercenaries kept this wonder in his garage, a sport that as far as design is concerned, it seemed ahead of its time and, interestingly, also had an engine 5.7 liter V8 although 205 CV.

While there has been the Ferrari Testarossa Sonny Crockett white which has passed into history, in the first and second season this glamorous police led another Ferrari: A Spyder Daytona 365 1972 GTS in black color. Or so it seemed, because actually it was a replica on a Corvette C3 1980 Beryl McBune specialist work. The success of the series made famous Enzo Ferrari counterfeiting and denounced McBune, so this Daytona Spyder was withdrawn from the series. In return, Ferrari donated own series two new units Testarossa Ferrari (1986) which, unlike the known, were painted white. The idea was Enzo Ferrari himself: white was much better for the black night scenes. He hit full.

Sunbeam Tiger 1965 Series I eight cylinder V 4.2L 164 hpin the remake of the series in 2008, the film starring Steve Carell, was used again

We're not talking about Tim Burton Batman, nor Tank Christopher Nolan saga. Before all that, there was a series in the 70s with Batman in tights and 'belly' who he was accompanied by such legendary as spectacular mount. The story of the first Batmobile is full of romance.

This model 'tuned' to be the DC superhero car was actually a Lincoln Futura. Was a prototype designed by Bill Smith commissioned by Lincoln and Mercury. With one aspect of spacecraft, passed by the style of the 60s, he appeared in several automotive samples without the expected success. Finally, this single unit He was about to end up in a junkyard but the great George Barris -known to design the car of the Ghostbusters, the aforementioned KITT or the Delorean from Back to the Future- He bought it for two dollars and turned it into the Batmobile.

Although the world had not liked the design of Smith, Barris seemed perfect: 90 percent of the components of Futura remained in the car of the Batman, to which he added a coat of paint and some details like bat wings at the rear. Today, this relic is valued at two million euros.

Mr. Bean car1000 Leyland Mini MK IVBritish Motor Holdings998 cc four-cylinder and 39 CV

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