Ford Kuga: 5 reasons to buy

Ford Kuga, reasons to buyFord Kuga, reasons to buyFord Kuga, reasons to buyFord Kuga, reasons to buy

Renovated now a little less than a year, the Ford Kuga has not taken off strongly in our market. Their sales figures are not all bad, but in a Booming SUV segment and with a turnover each day more position today costs even among the 10 models Bestsellers segment. Qashqai, Hyundai Tucson or VW Tiguan outshine have achieved commercially. However, it remains up looking like today one of the most interesting models in its segment. We show what are some of your main virtues… and also some of its shortcomings.

1.Ford Kuga: the sportiest

Years Ford gives to all its models a dynamic touch, and Kuga is no exception. In fact, it can be considered as the first model introduced in the segment certain dose of sportiness. Today, still up looking like the SUV market quicker. With an electrical direction with less gearing and very precise guiding, a quick change and well located slightly on high, and very direct contact, the Ford Kuga almost like driving a smaller, low Ford Focus. Even developed for Focus RS, plus rides today new torque vector control which basically stops the inside wheel cornering to enroll in the drawn better. A model that if, in its front-wheel drive 4x2 versions is already very agile in their all-wheel drive variants further enhances its grip. Today has abandoned its previous Haldex for new electronic control system and own calculations faster and more torque split to the rear wheels to gain even more momentum. SUV, of course, that like a lot of driving.

2.Ford Kuga: now also more comfortable

If your first generation Ford Kuga was a very dynamic model but sinned too dry suspension for the type of family vehicle that basically is his second generation corrected his answer. Worked on damping (Today more flexible and new silentblocks, bearings and to a rear subframe redesigned), has become a much more balanced SUV and a rolling comfort. Well insulated and somewhat softer control, the Ford Kuga has also enhanced its equipment and indoor environment, but, today, central dashboard screen of only 5 inches is very small and something visually out of step with their new rivals.

Interior Ford Kuga 3.Ford Kuga: family space

If, as all market studies indicate, the SUV has finally become a commercial alternative to the minivan and even the saloon, the Kuga has also been adapted to a more familiar approach. In its last renovation, increased length up to 8 centimeters (It measured 4.52 meters total) to offer more packaging and extra space. 2 centimeters more leg measured by our Technical Center and very good height, maybe in width and rear habitability meets well but not the best of its kind, however in boot itself has improved, and much. With an extra 90 liters capacity, today recorded no less than 500 liters of trunk, something that can only boast in the segment one Honda CR-V and a CX-5. Moreover, its loading mouth is large and low, and now has even folding and reclining rear seatbacks inclination to add more capacity and electric gate handsfree option (600 € with keyless access). And also it offers a family Pack that for 150 euros, it provides electric child safety lock and 230V outlet.

4. Ford Kuga: engines for all

Although Ford initially announced that, with the advent below a smaller SUV Ford EcoSport, the Kuga is structured as a high-end model and always with more than 140 horsepower, the market reality has made A few months ago rectify. We are pleased. Now it sold with new diesel 2.0 TDCi 120 hp, only 4x2, which left a great taste for his great response and performance. Above, it maintains a 2.0 TDCi 150 hp, and 4x2 and 4x4, and another Superior 2.0 TDCi 180 CV and and only all-wheel drive. Regarding his petrol range, Ford Kuga offers modern, new 1.5 Ecoboost 4 cylinder 150 hp front-wheel drive, and the same 1.5 Ecoboost with 180 hp and total traction. prestacionalmente all powerful, with a large low speed and extraordinary softness, yes, We can not say they are the most efficient in its class. Although the Ford Kuga claims to have 10 percent improved their efficiency, displacement and a high weight (Extra records up more than 100 kg against many of its rivals) end up punishing him.

5.Ford Kuga: very reasonable prices

Lately, every time we face a comparative Ford surprised us with very competitive prices regardless of the segment. And in the case of the Ford Kuga, too. Given power and equipment, Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi Trend 120 hp 4x2 (Starts at just over 23,000 euros) Is today the most economical option. Coming along with a product as elaborate and high quality, the success is twofold. While gasoline you access a Ford Kuga 1.5 4x2 150 hp Ecoboost Trend for less than 23,000 euros, another great price according to their power and mechanical ability. Depending on equipment and power, the Ford Kuga more expensive (by 2.0 TDCi Titanium 180 hp Powershift 4X4 S) will not arrive or 34,000 euros.

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