15 cars that do not meet sales expectations in 2016

15 cars that have not met expectations in 201615 cars that have not met expectations in 201615 cars that have not met expectations in 201615 cars that have not met expectations in 2016

Every time you complete one month we offer you the news of the moment the best selling cars. But rarely, you talk about those who are not fulfilling business expectations. Often the reason is that it is difficult to classify as failure a certain number of sales, regardless of which account was the initial objective of the manufacturer, the market situation, the reality of the segment… But, past 5 months 2016, Yes we have enough arguments to give you a list of 15 cars that do not quite meet expectations according to their competence as sales data Aniacam. Most also offers even very good sales pitch, but enough or are not known, or begin to be misunderstood cars.

Alfa Romeo MiTo

Barely 19 units sold in May, and 103 in the YTD. Loose figures for the Alfa Mito, taking into account competing in the third segment with more market demand ... and where the leader Seat Ibiza has been able to enroll and 15,000 cars. In addition, in the last month its sales have fallen nearly 60 percent from 2015. A shame, because it is a utility that, although not the most practical, does offer a very attractive design and great performance.

Rate your car for freeBMW 5 Series

We did not expect the truth recoil sales are suffering the BMW 5 Series ... maybe penalized for renovations such as the Mercedes E-Class. In 190 units sold in May amounting to 913 in the YTD. Maybe you can believe it's not bad for a sedan representation like her, but without renewed Audi A6 sold in May twice. The bad thing about it all comes to bear in mind that, compared to 2015, the BMW 5 Series It is selling in recent months almost 40 percent less units. And it's a big car, no doubt.

BMW 5 SeriesCitroën C4 Aircross

Or discounted as you see today dealership Citroën C4 Aircross has picked up. Since birth was never a success, and en 2016 remains in freefall: 271 units in May, and 883 accumulated, very few to attack the compact SUV segment fashionable today. A Nissan Qashqai, for example, has registered 10,000 cars in so far this year. This model, developed with Mitsubishi source, It falls almost 14% of sales compared to 2015.

Fiat 500L Living

We introduce you a car that is a great unknown. And do not desmerecerlo, much less, because its price It is most spacious with 7 seats and a very good overall performance. We talked about a Fiat 500L Living, an extended version and more capacity than the 500L. It has sold 25 cars in May, and 179 throughout 2016. A pity, because if you try it, convinces with its attributes as a great family. It is, in fact, the 7-seater with smaller outer length market.

Ford B-Max

It hit the market making a lot of noise for its curious setting small minivan with rear sliding door without central pillar, but neither the Ford B-Max has fulfilled expectations. Only 64 cars sold in May and 309 in the YTD, nearly 30 percent less in 2015. The MPV format there is no doubt that today does not succeed.

Ford B-MaxHyundai i40

Another model that convinces by design, mechanical, space, behavior ... but not sell it should. Hyundai i40 talking about a stunning renovation has been less than a year ago. In May it sold 160 units, and YTD 757: it's over 17 percent less than 2015. A VW Passat, for example, has sold more than 4,200 units. Still, we assure you will not disappoint.

Lexus IS

Play on unequal terms with its rivals since only sold in version 300 h hybrid, but even so, its business results are loose. The Lexus IS It enrolled 81 units in May, and 304 so far this year ... when an Audi A4, for example, sold 4,000. So far in 2016, moreover, the Lexus IS sales has fallen more than 28 percent. Another good car that accuses the market situation and short supply range.

Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 attacks the segment with more demand today, Racing VW Golf, Renault Megane, Opel Astra... And the result, although it is a very good performance compact, spacious and good mechanical touch, not being good. Segment occupies the 19th position in sales: in May it sold 296 units and so far this year 1,441 cars. The positive fact is that this year it seems that something has picked his numbers: at least has grown nearly 13 percent. If this continues, will leave the list ... and more with new diesel engine just introduced.

Mazda 3

Nissan Pulsar

Another compact that has not met expectations. Also it promised by the investment by Nissan, backed by the success of Qashqai and also manufactured in Barcelona. But months later, the data will not accompany the Nissan Pulsar: in May it sold 362 units, and so far this year 1,914, something better data than the Mazda 3 but still insufficient considering that it is the model that offers breadth and luggage compartment category and a price most competitive. In 2016 also it is going downhill: It has sold to 43 percent less in 2015.

Renault Twingo

Other than generation has changed no growth and sales. I talked about the Renault Twingo, developed by Mercedes and Smart. A small citizen, flirty, rear-wheel drive, relatively large ... but sold very little: He matriculated in May 66 cars, and so far this year 263 units. Ranked 15 segment and so far this year has fallen 34 percent in sales. Another segment that seems to go downhill.

Skoda Rapid

Cheap, spacious with a good range, modern engines ... Misunderstood? Perhaps rather, an unknown car. Skoda Rapid turn for that, in May, it sold 70 units, and 391 cars so far this year. Ranked 30 a segment with high volume sales, some unusual figures in a brand like Skoda. Failure certainly in the making.

Skoda RapidSmart Forfour

Same Renault Twingo Case. In fact, they share the same platform ... and same failure. Smart reinventing its utilitarian thought sales would improve, but the second generation Forfour not been commercially draft. Perhaps partly because it is an expensive product. Yet their sales improve somewhat compared with Twingo, to enroll 193 cars in May. Yes, compared to 2015 it represents almost 40 percent less.

Subaru XV

Other interesting SUV aimed at the fashion segment and it has been relegated to poor sales. The Subaru XV has image-road power and good capacity but also a limited commercial network and little publicity. In the month of May 75 units enrolled, and YTD has 345 registrations. It is the number 23-ranked SUV in its class.

Suzuki S-Cross

Another SUV ... and this itself we did not expect it. We liked when we tested the new Suzuki S-Cross: has a Diesel engine 1.6 punchy and very content consumption, plus a very good overall amplitude and very successful road behavior. However, as Subaru also has a limited commercial network. In May only 17 cars were sold, and in the first 5 months it has been the number 80. The number 26 of its kind and attentive, so far this year has declined compared to 2015 almost 70 percent of its sales. Almost nothing.

Volkswagen Scirocco

Attractive and with a very aggressive image, the Scirocco came under Volkswagen Golf as a sporty compact coupe and more emotional. But it has not ended curdle, despite offering the riskiest brand image. It seems that in 2016 has somewhat improved sales, but still they remain few to be a compact car and VW. Just 147 units in May and 539 in the YTD figures are very testimonial. But ... you do not tell me it's not a car that attracts?

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