Michelin CrossClimate: the specialist tire around

Michelin CrossClimate: most versatile tireMichelin CrossClimate: most versatile tireMichelin CrossClimate: most versatile tireMichelin CrossClimate: most versatile tire

The CrossClimate are the summer tires first approved as inverno. This, in practice, can have a wheel that adapts to any condition asphalt we can find. The key to achieve this are in the rubber compound able to adapt to Roughness minimum of floor, a band V-shaped 3D sipes variable and acting like claws in the snow.

Under the tread, another compound optimizes the consumption. And that has been one of the qualities we've appreciated at the start of our long-term test these tires: We intend to bring to the limit, in different situations firm and temperature to find out what they are able to give.

He consumption, low. The first news that we advance them is that, compared to summer tire Reference considered, we have obtained with the usual methodology of our Technical Center, a reduction of light output, but significant: a 5 percent in the urban cycle.

In estass first tests and on road, the Michelin tires CrossClimate variations have not brought about the reference, while we did find -We use the same dimension as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, 205/50 R17- a considerable improvement in data collections Loudness: a 120 km / h, debase 1.3 dB.

We were able to carry out tests on wet roads using our circuit INTA facilities where we have noticed a superb traction in the torn and model behavior under the most demanding braking: Those in which the wheels on one side are on a wet asphalt, but tacky (dry, around 0.8 μ); while the other is placed on a surface with a very low degree of adhesion (less than 0.3 μ). Here, with these wheels, the test vehicle gets meritorious distances that put among the best.

Michelin tire CrossClimateMichelin tires CrossClimate: like the best

Overall performance is a good conventional tire; but the differences brings when soil is slightly sticky. In asymmetrical braking, For example, the Renault Mégane we are using a long-term test and shoeing Michelin tires CrossClimate, slows as sports falling 60 meters: we have obtained 58 meters.

Michelin tires CrossClimate: wet and dry

respect to summer tire reference, the Michelin tire CrossClimate Dry has improved in some respects: loudness and even consumption; for example. Wet and slippery on floor, the power dynamic behavior Car used a Renault Megane, with more or braking traction.