Renting a car: 5 Keys for which you may be interested

Renting a car: 5 Keys for which you may be interested

More than half a million cars on our roads are rental vehicles, a formula to enjoy a car by paying a fixed monthly fee which it includes all but the fuel. It is neither more nor less than a rent long term. Its large users are businesses, both large and SMEs and newly autonomous, because they have the option of tax deductible, but more and more private customers who hire because they really want to be the car a good that depreciates so quickly.

1. Like to change cars regularly

Contracts renting usually usually last about four years on average, -While it is true that in the case of individuals, often extend to five. Is just the time after which a car begins to depreciate significantly. He renting allows you to enjoy a new car, with all that this implies, every four or five years, as you see.

2. Want to have your overhead light

If you do not want surprises the cost of your car and want to know in advance what you're going to spend on it, renting it will help you. No initial outlay, there is only one monthly fee during the agreed period including maintenance, repairs any faults and applicable taxes. Tires are included in each case, how many kilometers you mark each change them. The only expense is the fuel not included.

3. Want to have your replacement car and mobility problems solved

With renting your mobility needs are covered. It is true that not all leasing contracts included starting the replacement car but often they offer solutions when your car has to go to the workshop. Since pick the vehicle and return it to your home or work to change your vehicle if the operation the workshop is delayed more than a certain time.

4. You do not want trouble with the car's reliability

One of the great advantages of renting is that even if the car fails you and present many troubleshooting, the vehicle is not yours, so that you will cause the hassle of having to carry the workshop, but you will not have to carry that stone as if they will buy.

5. In the next few years you anticipate your needs change

Maybe you're not sure if in a few years you'll need a larger or smaller car or other characteristics, such as a hybrid or electric because legislation harden in the city as you ride every day. With renting you know that in four years (or less if you hire) you can change vehicles.