Vodafone offers free Coyote application to your customers

Vodafone offers free Coyote application to your customers

Vodafone It offered during the months of July, August and September 1 free premium subscription for one year application traffic alerts Coyote. Subscribers to its network and One packages will benefit from the data provided by this application for 12 months without paying the $ 100 annual subscription.

If the service offered by Coyote convince you, once the free trial year, Vodafone will charge 4.99 euros per month in bills and One Red packets, far from 8,99 euros per month it costs the service without the discount. The offer takes advantage of the months in which more and more use displacements occur is given to the application.

Coyote is an application to be Always alert all types of radars, whether fixed and mobile segment, semaphore or belt across Europe. It also has a 3D mapping also allows comparison of the speed that is circulating against the maximum allowable speed. It also provides a Coyote alerts service updated by community members, who warn of possible incidents on the route by which we circulate.

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