The best-selling SUV in Spain 2015

Best Sellers in 2015 in SpainBest Sellers in 2015 in SpainBest Sellers in 2015 in SpainBest Sellers in 2015 in Spain

Small and medium SUV

Without any doubt, remain fashionable cars and during 2015 sales of smaller SUV has even surpassed the compact size, with growth of 62.7 percent in the first case and 24.8 percent the second. The computation of both categories exceeds 180,000 delivered over the past year, with a market share approaching 18 percent. During 2016 the supply will continue to increase with the arrival of interesting developments (click on the new SUV coming in 2016).

In the category of SUV means some will take less the Nissan Qashqai, of which 23,832 units were sold throughout 2015, but the Japanese brand itself prefers to put this model in the compact segment, a category which is included in the statistics specific to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers ( ANFAC).

Small SUV: Bestsellers

Renault Captur 1: 15,967 units

2nd Peugeot 2008: 14,814 "

3rd Opel Mokka: 12,461 "

4th Dacia Duster: 11,151 "

5th Fiat 500X: 3,693 "

Source: Anfac

SUV means: Bestsellers

Kia Sportage 1: 13,996 units

2nd Volkswagen Tiguan: 13,903 "

3rd Peugeot 3008: 8,992 "

4th Hyundai ix35: 8373 "

5th Mercedes GLA: 7,361 "

Source: Anfac

Large SUVs: Bestsellers

Land Rover Discovery 1: 1,861 units

2nd Toyota Land Cruiser: 1,202 "!

Mitsubishi Montero 3rd: 643 "

4th Jeep Grand Cherokee 461 "

5th Nissan Pathfinder 92 "

Source: Anfac

The renovation of many models of the category has managed to boost sales by 2015, as the growth was 86.8 percent compared to the previous year, totaling 4,281 units. In any case, manufacturers continue working hard to improve the efficiency of its off-road, mainly with weight reduction, optimizing the aerodynamics of the engine body and using more economical and cleaner.

Luxury SUV: Bestsellers

BMW X5 1: 1,598 units

2nd Range Rover 1541 "

3rd BMW X6 929 "

4th Mercedes ML / GLE 868 "

Audi Q7 5th 803 "

Source: Anfac

Each luxury sedan sold in Spain almost five high-end SUV are delivered, which gives an idea of ​​the interest that continues to generate among the most affluent pockets these mammoth vehicles. In any case, the demand for these cars is far from the generated during the years before the economic crisis. The 8,392 units shipped in 2015 have been a trade increased 30 percent over the previous year.

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