DS: 6 new models by 2020

DS: 6 new models by 2020

Also that there will be DS, sold in Europe, manufactured outside France. In so far as for China, which seems to be one of the most promising destinations not only for this new brand of PSA, but also for any other seeking to earn the name of premium, They will be manufactured always there.

It is the case DS6 WR, an SUV recently unveiled for the Asian market; or of DS4 Crossback, this version of DS compact with large raised suspensions, protectors for the low or contour of the body, the style of the already seen in the DS4 Racing Concept 2012; roof bars or anti-skid system based on the already known PSA Grip Control.

Meanwhile, The DS4 will soon receive the touch screen just released the C4, besides seeing as its range disappears any hint of Euro 5 engines, replaced by those meeting the new standards; and see the combination of these with automatic transmissions boxes EAT6 as released in the DS3.Este change even extend to the DS5, without even except for hybrid versions.

All DS, whose slogan as a trademark is Spirit of Avant-garde (sic) in a mixture of English and French translatable as avant-garde spirit; there will be very different aspects compared to other models of PSA.

Much of this distinction is based, given the use of common platforms in design, aspect that It is to be forward, the style of what already happened with the current DS3. These are incorporated, for example, xenon headlights and LEDs that combine not only to the signature characteristic of the beacon (part of which becomes intermittent when activated), but also functions as the position light.

Total customization

Customization also be watchword of DS, in the case of its utility, up to 68 possible combinations of colors in the body based play with the roof and the other plate elements.

As well it promises to accentuate the attention to detail, while in the dynamic plane mantra it is called Hyper-comfort dynamique. This concept comes to determining an balance between two aspects that often are taken by conflicting: comfort and agility. The claim, taking as reference other models of the same industrial group, would maintain the dynamism displayed by the last wave Peugeot sophisticated; but delving claim to increase comfort (or ride quality). We have both Devos as Herrero, who not only current platforms gives room for that, but also give future.

With this emancipation of DS, the brand will be in the most exclusive universe PSA level; Peugeot will occupy a place of balance, with an emotional touch, which occupy the consortium Volkswagen brand which gives its name to the German group if we take as an example; while Citroën will have a profoundly rational factor linked profile, Following a path already started with the C4 Cactus.

With this stratification, the goal of DS is to increase the percentage of customers of conquest, those taken from other brands and new PSA, currently already high to stand at 66 percent; to avoid cannibalizing sales of its sister brands.

A that will help you, as today, although they all share engines, The stated purpose is to are the most powerful heritage DS, while the initial powers of its range are those used in mid-range Peugeot or Citroën.