Reshapes notify traffic fines, now in the BOE

Reshapes notify traffic fines, now in the BOE

From now on, if you want to know if you have a pending fine not been able to notify you at your home must go to BOE, the place where they have published a mandatory basis. The Edictal of sanctions, TESTRA, stays as "voluntary" report according to the new Law on Traffic and Road Safety.

The new revised text of the Act which came into force yesterday states, in its Article 91, that " Notifications that can not be performed on the E-Mail Traffic (Voluntary for individuals and compulsory for car fleets and company) and if you do not have it, in the address expressly indicated to the procedure or, if none have indicated at the address shown on the records of the autonomous body Central Traffic, They will be practiced in the Official Gazette (BOE). "

Until the entry into force of new text of the Law on Road Safety, the notifications could not make the person concerned were published in the TESTRA compulsorily. However, in recent times, as Mario Arnaldo tells us, European Automobile Associates, many municipalities, and autonomous communities with responsibilities in traffic and have been used in testing period.

And what about the Testra? According to the text of the Law on Road Safety which came into effect yesterday "with pre- and optional notifications (...) may also be practiced in Edictal Traffic Sanctions (TESTRA)". That is, it is not mandatory that the fines that can not communicate to us on site or in our home do so in the TESTRA and yes in the BOE. In principle, and in accordance with the new law, it would only be valid if published in the Testra.

Yes, As with the Testra, I elapsed period of 20 calendar days after the notice had been published in the Official Gazette is deemed to have been practiced. That is, it is taken for notified. From the notification start counting all deadlines to pay a 50 percent reduction or to contest it.