So will the new crash test Euro NCAP

So will the new crash test Euro NCAP

Since its inception in 1997, Euro NCAP has been the catalyst of the most significant advances in automobile safety. Crash testing and evaluation protocols, constantly evolving, have provided consumers with the necessary knowledge to help you choose when buying a vehicle based on their safety.

Now, Euro NCAP has released its roadmap for 2025, with autonomous driving and new technologies that incorporate standard models as the main factors to be evaluated. The document includes first technological developments and changes in mobility which it is beginning to experience the automotive industry, so the agency has set a target to provide "clarity and confidence" to consumers.

To do this, Euro NCAP has stressed that it will be important you make known the benefits of autonomous driving, while ensuring its full operation. The independent European agency has stressed that will challenge vehicle manufacturers so that they offer in their cars-from all segments and in all countries the best possible technology.

Roadmap Euro NCAP

The council president, Pierre Castaing, said that the ratings received by vehicle safety tests are a "key issue" for consumers when making their purchase decision, so that a "vital" role euro NCAP will provide a "clear and impartial" guide on emerging technologies and increasingly automated.

For his part, Secretary General of Euro NCAP Michiel van Ratingen, explained that the potential benefits in safety autonomous driving they are huge". "If we can eliminate human error, we have to see what comes down the number of victims road, although there is much expectation and misunderstanding about a world in which cars can drive themselves. " "Our role will be to provide clear to consumers on the level of autonomous driving a car and its safety information. Quite a challenge, but essential. "

As for protocols, Euro NCAP has announced that it will begin evaluating for the first time new level of security in which tertiary recovery, extraction and safety since 2020 and detecting the presence of children from 2022 are included.

Regarding the primary level, the body will begin to Driver monitoring study 2020; he automatic emergency detection 2020 and 2022; he autonomous braking system in 2020 and 2022, and data exchange between vehicles and infrastructure in 2024.

And finally, at the secondary level, Euro NCAP will introduce whiplash protection in 2020, and pedestrian and cyclist safety in 2022.