Tramontana: strangers and funny cars of the Spanish brand

Tramontana, Spanish sportsmanshipTramontana, Spanish sportsmanshipTramontana, Spanish sportsmanshipTramontana, Spanish sportsmanship

Half game, half of Formula 1, the concept of sportsmanship are very clear in Tramontana. This Spanish brand designs unique cars which enjoy circuits. If you have more than half a million euros, Tramontana has a car for you, virtually anything you ask, but always respecting his philosophy of getting a super fun and very radical.

Since it introduced its first racing car in 2005, Tramontana has made about 12 vehicles each year. Sportiness, exclusivity and luxury gathered in a street car that could well be racing and which you will not feel totally satisfied until you put off the main straight of a circuit and step on the accelerator.

Since then, we have met the Tramontana R, a version with closed dome which increased the feeling of being in a fighter rather than to a sporting use, and Tramontana XTR, a convertible two-seater that today, comes exclusively to ensure that all customer requirements are met.

Tramontana XTR: Designed to fly

If you want a Tramontana XTR will need a lot of money, but also valuable. The latest version features a 888 hp V12 engine that reaches 100km / h from standstill in just 3.3 seconds. From here, he dreams because Tramontana will give you whatever you ask. Carbon fiber, titanium, wood or even gold. The best quality materials and the best finishes that will make your supercar something unique in the world.

Jump into overseas market

The growth of the brand can only be compared with the brutal acceleration of its models. In just 12 years, Tramontana has carved a niche among the most coveted of those who want to enjoy in a circuit like a child supercars. Tramontana not make cars museum, cars are made to enjoy the pedal thoroughly.

Therefore, and because of the small group of buyers who can get one of their machines, Tramontana has settled in the UK market, where they have always had a niche firms that have opted for sportsmanship without limits.

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