The latest in decoration: car parts for furniture

Car parts converted into works of art decoratingCar parts converted into works of art decoratingCar parts converted into works of art decoratingCar parts converted into works of art decorating

Fernando Guerra is a mechanic by profession, currently engaged in selling spare parts, but mostly is a lover of the engine. While almost all see where a single crankshaft or connecting rod end at any point of breaking, he sees a piece of furniture to decorate the house. And this is dedicated to Seville recycle any part of engine or car at the end of its useful life to transform them into genuine jewelry decoration, ready to wear a lounge or bedroom. Something that began, as he explains, alone and in the garage of his home just over a year and a half.

Fernando opens the doors on its website, to his private garage, one in which no cars are, but exclusive artworks. Since it was his first creation, and perhaps one of the most spectacular of the entire collection. It is a table made from two engines BMW M50 used in two E36 in the nineties. One of them came to him through his work selling car parts, while the other ended up in his garage thanks to a friend. Fernando tells us it was to see the two engines together and came into his head the idea of ​​doing something with them. He had seen tables made with a single engine, so I decided to try with these two engines. And obvious correctness of this decision. This table had been for a few months decorating the room of her mother's house until a few weeks ago decided to try and take it to a festival of Granollers. After calling crazy about her idea, her mother takes days wondering when you will return home table ...

But after this table, Fernando has not stopped working and has expanding collection in the little free time that leaves his job. This is how they have emerged, for example, Turbo lamp Red Candy, from a VGT Garrett with a filter for direct admission. Or a curious and original chandelier created from a crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons BMW. But the illusion of Fernando does not end here and you're immersed, as he told us in his next work. Is about other table, but this time getting anything less than a Mercedes V8 engine. A project that began three months ago by the complexity among other things the paint job requires.

You can take a look at your entire collection on its website. The prices of these personal and exclusive works range from 160 euros the cheapest and about 3,000 euros it costs the most expensive, the table with the two BMW engines. But Fernando includes such personal services as Monitoring furniture since its inception. And what is more important, hours of dedication and great enthusiasm. Moreover, if you have any mechanical part disused, this Andalusian offered to make her the perfect furniture for your home ... We will be watching to see their next creations.

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