So we defraud insurance, the most striking video Busted

The compensation received by fraudsters they cost insurers last year more than 275 million euros. In this amount they are included all those who pretended, induced or invented claims related to the car as well as those who even having had fortuitous accidents, exaggerated suffered damages. This is the estimate made by insurers from a survey prepared by the employer's insurance (Unespa) and released on the occasion of the award ceremony of the XXII sector Contest fraud detection organized by ICEA (Cooperative Research between Entities insurance companies and pension funds).

The coverage had a higher propensity to insurance scams was injury in traffic accidents. Behind 5,35 percent of these incidents there was a fraud. They followed other cars as hedges theft (3.79 percent) and damage (1.80 percent).

And is that bouquet car insurance accounts for more than half of the amounts claimed illicitly (53 percent).

Fraudsters caught red-handed

It is increasingly common for insurers to invest money to fight fraud, for example by hiring private detectives, especially for its effectiveness in economic performance. Thus, for example, in a report recently published by ICEA, entitled 'Fraud in the Spanish insurance. 2015 'shows how, for every euro invested in investigating suspected cases, insurers manage to avoid paying 32,90 euros in improper compensation. Do not miss the video that heads this article, and that has given us the company Linea Directa.

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