So is the BMW SUV range: X1 to X6

BMW SUVs tested in the Test the SUV: x1, x3, x4 and x5BMW SUVs tested in the Test the SUV: x1, x3, x4 and x5BMW SUVs tested in the Test the SUV: x1, x3, x4 and x5BMW SUVs tested in the Test the SUV: x1, x3, x4 and x5

five models, one of the largest engine ranges and technologies, BMW has clearly SUVs their mark Y it will not stop adding new bodies to this category. In fact, the BMW X2 concept presented at the recent Paris Motor Show is a clear statement of intent, a new X to which the brand has already given the green light and, like all X with denomination pair seems bound to stand out from its rivals in this category. If you do not know the philosophy that BMW gives to his SUV, you can do in the Best Test, event to be held in Showground Las Rozas, Madrid, the following days 11, 12 and 13 November, and where you will have opportunity to try different versions of BMW in versions X1, X3, X4 and X5 both open and off road. You still have time, so you can book any of the above models accessing here.

Test The Best SUV

BMW, Generation X: thus they are well have evolved

Who would you say that BMW X5 would have that was not all-wheel drive? Or what BMW will move to front-wheel drive? Supply, demand ... and also industrial needs. we talk about BMW X5 25d sDrive unimaginable decades ago when this model was born, and today also a turbodiesel 4 cylinder, adapted version seekers SUV format, not off-road qualities. BMW X1 also the car that the last generation It has adapted to a more versatile platform that provides greater manufacturing flexibility and more space on board With him, along with his brothers built the series 2, Active Tourer and Grand Tourer, came ahead of this German- firm traction, but therefore no mark has lost its particular DNA and sportsmanship. Another example you can find in its new generation of 3-cylinder engines, moment exclusive for X1 and that not much later sure you will see in the future and next generation X2 X3. It is not surprising, therefore, that BMW offers one of the best consumption in its class ... unposted hybrid version, BMW also available, although so far in only about X5 in its version 40e

Speaking of engines, BMW is also one of the manufacturer's range variety and range in the category. It is their specialty and has demonstrated not only in their cars. Here displays, besides the said three cylinder units both petrol and diesel, motors 4 and 6 cylinders for the two types of fuel, some as exotic as the engine of the 50d triturbo versions of X5 and X6, and also some of the few V8 that are left on the market.

Surely, as the vast majority, BMW inspires sportiness, dynamism ... But the first BMW SUV also they born with a versatility beyond doubt: X3 and X5 offer large cargo spaces and even capacity of 7 seats for most of them. If you access X1, or ability you look inside, you'll also note that It is more than the baby of the BMW X2 X. When the family arrives, its entire range will be wrapped for these unique versions that undergo a transformation design in which, yes, They lose some of their practicality.

BMW takes thirty years developing all-wheel drive systems and good part of their latest developments and developments come from the experience gained in its SUV range. Perhaps they are not the most oriented to this demanding off-road systems, but are direct participants that the SUV made by BMW have an extremely efficient road holding.

So is the BMW X1

Today articulated on transverse engine architecture of the brand, the BMW X1 4.44 meters give much of themselves behind closed doors. This structural change has allowed the X1 benefits from synergies with Mini and mount some of its three-cylinder engines: 116d and 118i ... Two access options that cover from 116-136 CV, although it does not end much less here. his 2.0 liters turbodiesel It deployed in versions 150, 190 and 231 hp, probably three of the best engines from rivals such performance, while gasoline, its also latest generation of four-cylinder units covers the highest power level of the range: 231 hp, but it also derives the version of 192 hp. -4x2- sDrive and xDrive -4x4- identify versions front and all-wheel drive, can choose 4x2 variants with engines up to 192 hp. Between transmissions, the X1 also find one of the best automatics market: a torque converter 8 very fast relations.


So is the BMW X3

Here yes, if you were waiting for us to talk to the one of the brand identity, you'll find it here. I speak, of course, of 6-cylinder engines in petrol and diesel. With them, X3 scale steps in refinement, power and performance relative to X1: 3.0d 258 hp to 313 hp for the 35d and 30i 306 hp for gasoline. They are also some of the best performances of the category for performance, although their access levels are more than well supported from 18d 150 hp. This version, along with the 184 hp 20i, they are the only range that can be purchased with two four-wheel drive. Remember that Audi debuts a completely new Q5, Mercedes has raised the bar with its GLC, Porsche imposes the most radical and sporty seal with the Macan, volvo his unique style and philosophy with the XC60 ... Among them, the X3 will not be the best at everything, not the worst in anything, but its chassis tuning, habitability or other mechanical performance make it one of the most balanced cars in its category.


So is the BMW X4

The SUV and coupé had been on the mark with the X6, BMW formula also squeezed at X3 to transform it into X4. Body with more personality, also with less inner capacity and made sportier not necessarily point, though BMW not only narrows the basic engines X3, but climbing a new rung in power by incorporating the very latest BMW X4 M40i, an evolution of 6-cylinder engine with 360 hp gasoline and characteristics of chassis, steering, wheels and brakes that much closer to the philosophy of the brand M, whose authentic versions find itself in the next two cars in the range.


So is the BMW X5

Giant house, and not only in -despite so great that, with its 4.88 meters, is far from being the biggest SUV of the market, but also in technology. Here there is room for seven people in three rows of seats. Also, in technical terms, a hybrid versions plug as BMW X5 40e, combination of a 2.0-liter turbo petrol with an electric motor capable of generating a overall power of 313 hp for an average consumption 3.3 l / 100 km. It will not be the most efficient hybrid category, but BMW shows have taken a big step with this technology. By following the most exotic, have also two collection pieces represented with M50d, the motor triturbo Diesel 380 hp No you'll soon see a version four turbos of the same motor- and two V8 petrol, one with the particular stamp of BMW M and impressive 575 hp. For customers on the planet earth, you will also find a version 25d rear or all-wheel drive that uses the 2.0 turbodiesel and with this BMW can boast a consumption of 5.3 l / 100 km.


So is the BMW X6

It marked trend Y Mercedes he dared to transform their GLE in a muscular SUV coupe Here you have it compared with the BMW X6-, so today are the only two bodies in this format category. Made on the BMW X5, but unlike the X4, the X6 hides much more than a bulkier and striking body, Once all to equal engine, BMW X6 also expresses a tune more "conductor". Despite using the same wheel drive system that X5, the X6 did not sit at all well leave the asphalt, but inside it it is one of the reference car. Like the X5, you will also find the most powerful engines including the entire SUV family, version M, although Currently there is no room for hybrid 40e.

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