Advertorial: BP Ultimate, your protege engine and fuel saving

Advertorial: BP Ultimate, your protege engine and fuel saving

The engine is the heart and the most important part of your vehicle, it is that gives life. out to look after him, besides taking proper maintenance, fuel type with which feeds plays an important role, although you may think not. A good fuel can lengthen the life of your engine, improve performance and protect it from wear. And here it comes into play BP, with a fuel that improves performance, consumption and emissions of our vehicle.

There are many advantage that you can find in the BP Ultimate, as their cleaning power of waste that build up in the engine, up to five times higher than that of these conventional fuels. Maintain clean certain engine parts, sensitive to cinders and debris that often occur by the action of fuel, you can keep longer the performance of your engine that was originally designed.

These BP Ultimate fuels are ready to operate with greater efficiency, allowing a smaller amount of engine power is wasted. In this way, your car can travel with BP Ultimate on your deposit up to 42 kilometers per tank of fuel, in the case of BP Ultimate Diesel, and 39 kilometers with BP Ultimate gasoline, offering a level of fuel consumption and emissions than conventional fuels less harmful.

BP Ultimate also has a higher octane, in the case of gasoline, and cetane, in the case of diesel fuel, which gives the engine of your car one higher performance, a more power and one more responsive. But BP Ultimate not only achieves higher performance, but also a cleaner performance compared with conventional fuels because it is specially formulated to reduce the emission of harmful gases

If you want to protect your vehicle mechanics and components more wear, BP Ultimate fuels have corrosion inhibitors protect metal parts of the engine and power system against oxidation. Thus, the aging process slows down your drive and helps restore your health, working perfectly well in less modern engines.

BP Ultimate fuels are not only good for the engine of your car, but also for your pocket thanks to fuel savings of up to 42 kilometers per tank. A ecodriving of you, as strong sprinting stick, not abuse the air conditioning or use long marches, coupled with a designed for the health of your engine and your fuel economy, make BP Ultimate fuels the best choice to give life and take care of your vehicle.