How to rent a racetrack?

How to rent a racetrack?

The dream every night that is a race car driver and want to live the feelings of drive circuit in real life do not be discouraged. In Spain there are many options to choose from and prices. Since exhorbitant amounts remaining for the 'very' fans and 'amateur' drivers with an affluent portfolio up very affordable options that allow you to shoot a few minutes 'asphalt professionals' -yes, with your car- by the ridiculous amount of 15 euros.

He Jarama in Madrid, Montmeló in Barcelona, ​​the Albacete circuit, Motorland in Aragon, the Cartagena Circuit, Monteblanco in Huelva or Almería circuit are some of the many paths that spread around the Iberian Peninsula. Even those who live in 'islands' have the ability to roll, thanks to circuits like Lluc-major Rennarena (Balearic) or the Maspalomas (Las Palmas). Do not make excuses and go run one of your dreams. Here we show you the most interesting options in Spanish territory:


A roll:

1. International Circuit Villaverde de Medina

It is the cheaper alternative in Spain. Located in the village of Villaverde de Medina (Valladolid) offers three paths of different lengths and characteristics in which batches enjoy karts, motorcycles or cars. Individuals can roll with their cars in 20 minute sessions They organized throughout the year and have a cost of 15 euros. If you want to take a walk with your car, no doubt, this is the ideal place. Yes, care of your car, especially if you want to take it home in one piece. Difficulty: Medium.

2. Montmeló

The famous Catalan track in which it is disputed World Formula 1 It offers the possibility of rolling succulent with our vehicle Free batches 30 minutes. Its price, only 49 euros, with the possibility of an extra discount if you are a member of the circuit. For 53 euros you can get your own box and tread the same ground as pilots Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. If your portfolio goes beyond the 'middle class' or are a large group, you can rent the entire circuit for a day for 21,000 euros and together again a total of 50 drivers on track. At the end of the day, if you fill the maximum number of participants will exits 420 euros and you will be rolling in the very asphalt Montmeló. Difficulty: Medium.


3. Kotarr

The union of two young entrepreneurs emerged this young plot located in Burgos, which has five possible variants that expand or cut your distance and / or difficulty. From 80 euros They offered free rounds to roll with own vehicle -105 euros weekend-. On weekdays, you can rent the full circuit for 1,900 euros If you want a whole day or 1,150 euros if you just want to shoot noon. The price goes up considerably weekend. Difficulty:.

4. Circuito de Guadix

Located in the beautiful province of Granada (Andalusia) this circuit born in 2002 It offers fans the 'burning rubber' time for free days six hours and dates agreed by the organization. For about 110 euros, do you have track left over to press the accelerator, lunch, insurance and technical they can guide you for better drawn. You also have to take your car. Difficulty: Medium.

Guadix circuit

5. Cheste

In Valencia, the best way to roll your car at high speed is closer to tracing Cheste. A modern and very complete circuit it offers everything you could want a driver who has some experience behind the wheel, as It is not an easy track and you can give more than a scare. roll in runs two hours with your car leaves you 250 euros. Difficulty: High.

6. Ascari

It is not surprising that this track is highly sought after by car makes for presentations and testing models. incredible characteristics and weather Thanks to its exceptional geographical location in the Andalusian town of Round (Malaga) - They make Ascari an alternative very interesting. At first, no roll option is offered with your car, but you can hire 'Experiences' of between 1,300 euros and 3,750 euros put you behind the wheel of one or more high-performance cars. Difficulty: High.

7. Circuit Jarama

East Madrid's legendary track It has experience 50 years in the world of competition, although prices rather than seen so far away.

He Circuit rent amounts to 1,500 euros for half a day or 3,000 euros for the whole day, with a up to 5 cars on asphalt and weekdays. The weekends we have to double the above figures. In addition, necessarily, you have to hire technical track and security resources, so, to the above, -half will add 1,710 euros or 6,000 euros day- -day entero-. It's not the cheapest alternative and the price will increase based on the cars as they join up to a maximum of 30-, but It allows shooting in Madrid under total security measures without too great a shift to residents in the Spanish capital.


Some circuits like Albacete, that of Almería or even Motorland (Teruel) They trust these batches and experiences filming development companies that manage everything, so you need to contact them for check Rates, promotions and dates. The services offered sometimes are broader but give less freedom than most previous ones.

Almería circuit

Safety first

Remember that You should not play with your life or that of others and to be in a circuit does not mean that the danger disappears behind the wheel. In fact, the speed and freedom of drawn rather raise the risk of accidents many times. Be careful with the pieces you play in your car and let someone specialized in this field change or regulate vehicle parts, increased tire pressure a couple of kilos desllantar not, give the car a break every so often, especially if yours -the mechanical thank you and come home without having to go before the workshop- and avoid jugarte life on track, and what not all rolling there are professionals. A safe distance and roll into parts without traffic will make you enjoy every stretch smoothly.