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Best Car tattoos: Art & DecorationBest Car tattoos: Art & DecorationBest Car tattoos: Art & DecorationBest Car tattoos: Art & Decoration

It is easy today to understand that the practice of tattooing is no longer a trend to become an artistic reality. And in virtually all areas of society we can talk about an aesthetic attachment more, very personal and why even pride. Just look on TV footballers, actors and actresses, or any big star to understand that body decoration is now a style factor, with clothes, shoes or any type of supplement.

He motorsport in general, and particular car, It is not so alien to all this permanent fashion, and it is common today and find works of art with reference to a particular brand, yet specific car model or even any mechanical component you can imagine. Tribal motifs or Chinese ideograms that both popularized the world of tattoos a few years ago now give way also to a more general view, where almost any drawing or idea can be accommodated as a tattoo.

Forearms, shoulders, thighs, back ... Any area of ​​our body today is likely to show a tattoo. Since Autopista.es have selected a collection of the Car motif tattoos more spectacular than you can find on the Internet and social networks. Many of them undoubtedly are true works of art, able to show dreams, experiences and passions. Always, yes, with the fans for the car as a starting point. Open the gallery and enjoy them.

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