The worst rated car brands on the Internet

The worst rated car brands on the Internet

Internet has become an important source of information and any user with a network connection you can give your opinion on the cars more and least favorite, based on actual driving experience in many cases. Geom Index has produced a report in which they name the car brands worst rated by the Internet. To this end, it analyzed texts published in different websites pages, forums and dedicated to motorsport, as well as reference profiles on different social networks blogs. In our test section you can find reviews on all cars in the market.

Heading the list of brands with more negative opinions we find Opel. The German firm is paying its expensive problems Intellilink multimedia system, Complaints as a navigation map of outdated and does not meet the expectations of those who bought an Insignia relying on the 'premium' level offered. This has made during the first months of 2015, 39.8 percent of the opinions on the trade mark are negative.

Abarth It is heavily criticized for the price of their models and, according to the report, because it is considered too powerful engines leading to the size of the car.

So much Subaru as Sling Y Seat They have been mispriced by the lack of riskiest and changing designs, adding to the problems of after-sales service of the Spanish subsidiary.

List of car brands worst rated

Opel - 39.8%

Abarth - 39.3%

Subaru - 37.07%

Honda - 35.5%

Seat - 35.3%

Brands are saved from the fire as Infiniti or Mini, which are the less critical They receive in the digital world.

If we focus on specific car models, things change a lot.

The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer will fall sticks everywhere (55.6 percent of negative opinions), But I could not expect anything else from those who have seen the brand grow and see how a front-drive minivan model arises. Necessary or not in the range of BMW, criticism will not have been a surprise to anyone. The Opel Insignia in second place, for the above reasons, followed by the Seat Ibiza, the Opel Astra and Honda Civic Type R. The first two complaints in sales and Japanese for falling short in terms of essence 'racing '. Are you sure has fallen short ?.

Listings worst rated car models

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer - 55.6%

Insignia - 53.2%

Seat Ibiza - 49.2%

Astra - 46.5%

Honda Civic Type R - 42.8%

Between the less criticized Internet, find the Audi RS5, to the Hyundai Tucson (Although it is not yet on sale the new generation) and Volkswagen Golf GTD.