Renault case emissions: researchers conclude that the motors do not have trucaje

Renault case emissions: researchers conclude that the motors do not have trucaje

Members of the French Agency for Energy and Climate (DGEC), representing the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Energy Growth and French were presented last Thursday in several centers of the French firm. The goal was find evidence that could prove the use of a handling device emissions similar to what was found in vehicles of the Volkswagen group.

After the tests were conducted in several different random diesel vehicles signature centers, authorities They ruled out the existence of such positive. However, yes some discrepancies have been found in emissions. The extent of these differences will be determined by investigations to be carried out later.

As reported by Renault, in situ investigations they were carried out at the headquarters of the company in Lardy technical center and the Techocentre that the company has in Guyancourt. Further, signature was ready to collaborate closely with the independent commission and any additional investigator determined by the French Ministry of Finance to clarify the situation.

The French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Ségolène Royal, and said last Thursday that Renault did not install any device that alters the results of emissions. 'Shareholders and workers can it be quiet, "he said. However, he said, if detected 'excess' in levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide, both Renault and two foreign brands. In this regard, he is adding that the cooperation of the automotive group being "exemplary".

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, has joined the reassuring message, to ensure that For Renault Renault 'no way' can be compared with Volkswagen. It has also indicated that the authorities have done since last September several checks to verify the information that brands convey to their customers and that Renault has been one of the manufacturers surveyed.

However, these statements have not managed to prevent Renault shares fell yesterday in bag up to 20 percent, although at the end of the day the fall had moderated to 10.28 percent.

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