A ‘YouTuber’ encouraged not to pay a toll and sweeps Internet (video)

A 'YouTuber' encouraged not to pay a toll and sweeps Internet (video)

A young man in the video being recorded from the passenger seat appears. Driving on the highway A-4 Seville-Cadiz and in the minutes before reaching the toll will explain that the granting of that highway is already amortized, although all governments continue to renew. This, he says, protects anyone who refuses to pay.

According to the driver, do the 'simpa' is as simple as tell the person at the box office to collect not want to pay. The employee must climb the barrier and allow passage. The only traffic light indicates whether we paid or not, is not regulated by the General Traffic Regulations' he says.

Said and done: reach the barrier, He tells the worker that is in the window that will not pay, this is surprised and here the video cuts. Then the driver leave of the employee and resuming the march appears.

The company that manages the A-4 is Aumar, Abertis subsidiary, and It has the concession until 2019. Check this date will decide whether to renew or privatization is eliminated.

Video obtained in just 48 hours more than 160,000 views and how could it be otherwise, he has sparked a controversy. Among those debating whether what the driver is actually legal too There are those who doubt the veracity of the video: The fact that there is a cut in the key moment is for many a sign that perhaps when the camera stopped recording, Young paid the toll and to resume recording, pretended he had not.

In any case, after the commotion, the 'YouTuber' published a new video of just 20 seconds in which the clerk apologizes for his performance Toll.

Is it really legal to pass a toll without paying?

Rebellion against paying tolls had its antecedent in the movement 'No vull pay' (I do not want to pay) in Catalonia, where already emerged 'youtubers' that were recorded without paying tolls franking rate. At that time the government itself announced that it would process faster fines for nonpayment.

According to a specialist lawyer in fines consulted by ABC de Sevilla, It is not legal to pass a toll without paying'The question that move is not going to pay because the highway is amortized and this award is being unfairly extended. Nevertheless, sanctions are coming from all over Spain of all tolls. There are 80, 100 or 200 euros maximum'. Although it is true that the percentage of reports of this type of violation is 'very residual' as compared to other speeding or parking.

Not only the employee toll could expose the driver not page, but the concessionaire itself could claim the amount through civil proceedings, although less common, according to the lawyer.

After watching the video, the lawyer is clear: the young man who decides not to pay 'It could be suspended perfectly' and the amount could reach 200 euros.

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