2020: the electric car will be cheaper than gasoline

2020: the electric car will be cheaper than gasoline

Slowly, but surely, it seems to be leading the race electric vehicles. experts say 2020s It will be the decade of electric cars and no shortage of reasons. And all this despite the reduction in oil prices. Analysis, this time, is carried out by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. According to his calculations, in 2040 35 percent of all new cars worldwide will have a plug, with sales reach 41 million units. This means almost 90 times more than last year 2015, when 462,000 electric vehicles were sold -on 1 percent of all cars sold and, in turn, 60 percent more than in 2014.

One of the major drawbacks of electric cars is that they are expensive when compared to equivalent gasoline vehicle. And this price difference has to do with Battery riding and which they are necessary to store electricity. In this regard, according to research by Bloomberg, following the current trajectory, in the next six years the price of an electric car battery will be less than that of a vehicle combustion. And longer term, by 2040, it will cost less than 20,000 euros.

And how do we get to this stage? One of the keys is the price of batteries which, according to forecasts, will continue to fall. From 2010, the cost of a battery lithium ion It has fallen 65 percent, reaching $ 350 per kWh last year. And it is expected, says Colin McKerracher, an analyst at Bloomberg, who are below $ 120 per kWh in 2030.

Lower prices of batteries, but also greater autonomy of electric vehicles. It is expected that 2020, an electric with a battery of 60 kWh, can travel up to 322 kilometers. These batteries will be ready from here to 18 months away, with the arrival of the Opel Ampera-e and Tesla Model 3.

Electric car revolution will involve, in turn, one migration energy demand. Bloomberg analysis estimated that stop using around 13 million barrels of oil a day. However, the massive arrival of electric cars will involve a consumption of 1,900 TWh of electricity, or what is the same, 8 percent of global electricity demand in 2015.

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