Telematics registration: registration your new car in a few hours

Telematics registration: registration your new car in a few hours

Late 2009, the Address general of traffic and the Ministry of Industry initiated the implementation project enrollment telematics system. This will from now compulsorily from 2015 using a Technical card Vehicle (ITV) on electronic media (EITV), eliminating the paper support.

Telematics enrollment goes beyond because it aims automate the processes of creating and issuing documentation necessary to purchase a vehicle, thus expediting the enrollment process, shortening deadlines and at the same time, cheapening costs of process.

Thus, thanks to telematics enrollment, the whole process can be resolved in just some hours: Choose a car from a dealer in stock, pay (or finance) and take it home the same day will become reality.

The first 'test pilot' in dealer they took place in nine dealers Seat in December 2011, and by 2012 It was launched in two outlets of the Spanish brand, using payment platforms developed by Volkswagen Finance and Santander Consumer Finance. The date set for all dealers in our country implement telematics enrollment is May 2015.

'The main advantages of telematics lie in enrollment automating administrative processes that, in addition to lower costs inherent printing, handling and distribution of paper ITV assumed, significantly reduce time enrollment by allowing a consumer to buy, finance and register a vehicle in record time, "he said in the information day 'Towards Telematics Vehicle Registration' in which participated the DGT, the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments (Asnef), the Spanish Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Trucks (Anfac), and the National Association of Importers of Automobiles, Trucks, Buses and Motorcycles (Aniacam).