Movo Movo, make your car be profitable

Movo Movo, make your car be profitable

This P2P platform (peer to peer or "Person to person") Takes little more than a year offering This free service brokerage, during which has managed to close more than 800 rents, still modest, Efe recognizes its founder, Santi Breu, but it expected to grow when you increase the confidence of Spanish users this model "collaborative" also it is more flexible and economical than a traditional rental.

Prices vary depending on the model and the number of days to rent, but usually range from 15 euros for a small tourism and asking 200 euros for luxury car brands such as Porsche or Lamborghinis, in a catalog which also includes todoterrenos, vans or caravans.

The Breu- explains operation is simple: choose the person concerned on the web a model among those cars that are offered in a concrete city-and whose owners have registered on the website giving the characteristics of vehicle- and contacts its owner to reach an agreement on the conditions and prices (which sometimes includes a damage deposit).

The platform, which derives its revenue through advertising and conventional rental cars- right now has 10,000 users, although all have not materialized rent, because there are some objection to this relationship between individuals, so Movo Movo It has a ranking that serves as an indicator on the digital reputation of those concerned.

"It is a system based on trust, so the use of social networks helps the owner of the vehicle and its possible 'client' are known"says Breu, underscoring that Movo Movo also it offers a model contract to facilitate the operation.

This contract indicates that, for insurance purposes, the customer must have a profile similar to the experience in the vehicle owner's wheel. At the moment, Movo Movo She has not had news that there has been no serious problem among users as much some confusion when found to deliver or return the car.

"East concept is not limited only to earn an income by renting your car, but a collaborative way to rethink the society in which we live, to share resources so that they are not underused"Says the founder of the company.

In addition to Movo Movo, in Spain there are other sites recently created a similar offer special car rental for hours or days, as the Barcelona social Car, which has about 500 cars registered and also has a caring side as it allocates 0.7% to social projects in Spain.