PGO: prices and details of their handmade cars

PGO and vintage cars in SpainPGO and vintage cars in SpainPGO and vintage cars in SpainPGO and vintage cars in Spain

A retro design and exclusivity flag are the arguments that PGO He has landed in Spain Automobiles hand Salvador, based in Sant Celoni (Barcelona). This business group has just completed a year with the distribution, also exclusively for Andorra, the four models currently in the catalog of PGO.

PGO It is a small craft brand born in Saint-Christol-lès-Alès, near Nimes (France). family business, founded by brothers Prevot, initiated its trajectory with making replicas of AC Cobra and Lotus Seven in 1980. Also the Porsche 356 taking as a starting point Volkswagen Beetle chassis.

It was this model which, to a greater extent, made the French brand recognizable and thanks to the license held by Apal was made. This Belgian company bought the ownership of brothers Prevot PGO Y Porsche had authorization to make replicas of that 356.

A new change of owners, and in 1998, did not mean disruption of production of this legendary sports coupe, however, would have its end in 2004, when Porsche took out a legal claim that ultimately unsuccessful but led to the near disappearance of the brand, and even a change of owners.

PGO CevennesPGO, replicas to its own range

A few years earlier in the year 2000, PGO had begun production of its own model: PGO Speedster II the. PGO initiated him as maintained until today, the Model building on tubular chassis. The PGO Speedster, assembled on the premises of Montpellier, southern France, used engines and transmissions from PSA. The impulse that supposed the money contributed by new shareholders Kuwaitis and Arabs soon, in 2005, allowed the development of new models like the PGO Cevennes with the same base PGO Speedster but also with a more modern design.

In 2008 PGO also launched the coupe Hemera with shooting-brake body

In 2012 PSA engines of 2.0 liters and 140 hp that were being used in all models of PGO, They left their place to the 1.6 THP, jointly developed by PSA and BMW and used, among other models in the Mini. precisely coupes and roadsters of PGO began using the 184 hp version of the Mini Cooper. He PGO Cevennes a rear wheel as in all brand cars, the engine is in central position- It is the lightest being below the ton, while the heavier the coupé tandem Hemera, 1,012 kilos. The top speed of all of them is 225 km / h

While the standard gearbox is a six-speed manual, optional can count on an automatic with the same number of relationships and even paddles on the steering wheel.

Although all brand models share the same wheelbase, size varies slightly from one another. The largest, by a few centimeters, the PGO Speedster II is with 3,85 m; while the PGO Hemera has a length of 3.74 m and 3.70 m Cevennes.

PGO prices SpainPGO; All prices

The Current production of PGO in Montpellier is about 200 vehicles per year, although it can reach 500 if necessary. For Spain, the maximum waiting time for deliveries, if not available the particular model in stock is between 12 and 14 weeks.

Current prices range already included taxes, are ranging from 48,598 euros for the PGO Hemera up to 52.203 posed by PGO Speedster II and the Cevennes Cabrio. 51,095 euros costs the PGO Cevennes.

All of them They can be made virtually the taste of every buyer high availability for customizable elements ranging from a considerable range of colors, even the taste of the buyer; through different wheel designs, decorative stripes, spoilers, elements in carbon fiber, sports suspension, upholstery or concrete leather elements ... Hence the great contribution of the PGO, in addition to its retro air and its direct connection to the road , is exclusivity.

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