10 best-selling cars in November 2015

The best-selling cars in Spain in NovemberThe best-selling cars in Spain in NovemberThe best-selling cars in Spain in NovemberThe best-selling cars in Spain in November

Leading change Top 10 best selling cars in our country. He Citroën C4, with 2,517 units, was the model with more registrations during last November, followed by Dacia Sandero with 2,384 units (scaling four places compared to October) and Seat Leon with 2,194 units, down from the first position a month ago to third.

Despite the 'Dieselgate', the Volkswagen Golf it remains among the top 10 best-selling cars, and even It has sold more units than in October: 1,791 compared to 1,841 obtained in November 2015. However, is the Volkswagen Polo which disappears from the list in favor of Opel Corsa. Opel also, in this case the Astra, It stands for selling 307 units more in October, once your new generation is already on the market.

If we look at number of cumulative sales between January and November 2015, he Citroën C4 It is confirming as follows best selling model in our country with 32,251 cars registered so far this year. Followed the Seat Leon with 29,985 units sold and Seat Ibiza with 28,934 units. Renault Megane, VW Golf, VW Polo, Dacia Sandero, Nissan Qashqai, Renault Clio and Opel Astra follow the trail of the first three.

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As for manufacturers refers, the above is Opel which it has marked the great rise in the Top 10: the German mark leads the most cars sold in November 2015 (6.569 units), followed by Peugeot lowering a seat (6,338 units) and Volkswagen also low ranking and units sold (5897). Renault, Ford, Seat, Nissan, Citroen, Kia and Toyota completed the Top 10.

At year to date November, Volkswagen continues to lead the standings (81,228 units sold so far this year, ahead of Opel which again goes a step (71,615 units) and Seat (71,208 units). Among the generalist brands, highlights Positive percentages of Mitsubishi, accumulating a 72.7 percent sales compared to the first eleven months of 2014, Mazda (54 percent) and Kia (46.7 percent).

List of the 10 best-selling cars in November 2015

Citroën C4: 2,517 units

Dacia Sandero: 2,384 units

Seat Leon: 2,194 units

Nissan Qashqai: 2,108 units

Seat Ibiza: 2,073 units

Opel Astra: 2,061 units

Renault Megane: 1,862 units

Volkswagen Golf: 1.841 units

Opel Corsa: 1,838 units

Peugeot 308: 1,755 units

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