Hire the best jokes

Hire the best jokesHire the best jokesHire the best jokesHire the best jokes

Hobby, unavoidable means of transport, instrument guarantor of independence, caprice, sample status ... Tan important is the car in ours lives (In fact, studies say represents the biggest financial outlay in the life of a family, after the house) which is a inexhaustible source of argument for jokes. So when opening the hat and take the week with more humor than ever arrived. There are all kinds: some even have heard the car with a different name. And yes, do not deceive, some are very, very bad, but yes ... no offense always!

There are, of course, who use and exploit the name of cars and brands, no longer a true classic ...

- A grandmother promises his grandchildren, if someday save lives, giving away a car.

- It is the first and, when it was going to fall off a cliff, catches. The next day found in his garage a Chevrolet Camaro and a note: "Your grandmother."

- A year later, the second grandson also manages to save before being run over. The next day found in his garage a Ferrari 458 Italia and a note: "Your grandmother."

- Another 12 months later, the third grandchild can not save him from falling down the stairs. The next day found in his garage a Bugatti Veyron and a note: "Your grandfather".

- A tourist walks Andalusia with his brand new Mercedes S 400 Hybrid. It arrives in a small provincial town and the car starts to make a strange noise and suddenly stops. Take a ride through the streets and is a fellow who asks where you can lend a hand with repairs.

- "You go where Benito. It is arranging lighters in the town and knows everything. You can help insurance.

- He goes home and, upon arrival, Benito you check out the car and ask.

- "It's a hybrid, and the battery is exhausted. Are you sure you have gas? ".

- "I see you know this high-tech, but clearly has gasoline. I refuel before entering the village. "

- "I have it, then you are going to be the stone!".

- What a mechanic tells his wife?

- Mercedes Benz and put A4 legs, you'll have a Porsche and Volvo born in Clio, because in this the Saxo there who Mégane!

-To which his wife responds: And what MAZDA! Seat Seat to what, but always with Stylo ...

- This will include two Chinese and down the street.

- "The other day I COMPLE a new car."

- "Oh yeah?"

- Yes, mila, is that there ...

- And what is malca?

- Alfa

- ¿Lomeo?

- Whatever you lompo meas and neck, pol cochino!

- What you do not know what brand of car Papa Noel?

- A Renol ...

There are also obviously topical. And more. Like these…

- A blonde comes running and shouts: "Help, I stole my all-terrain".

- A man approaches and asks: "4X4?"

- Mmmmm ... 16 ... But now please help me find my all-terrain!

- This is a Basque who is in a bar and tells a friend that goes: "Hi Iñaki, what did you buy at the end 500".

- "Yes, but recently. And how do you know?

- "Because you carry backpack".

- "There goes the host, 'I not again took off my seatbelt !!".

- From entrepreneur to entrepreneur:

- "How do you get your employees arrive on time to work?".

- "Very easy. I have 30 employees, but only 20 parking spaces left ... ".

-Do you know what the only difference British cars the rest of Europe? Your wife grumbles from the left, not from the right ...

Another common reference that can never be lacking in the Spanish catalog ... Lepe:

- Why in Lepe they take a tiger in the car?

- Because it is stronger than the jack to lift the car!

- He was one of Lepe driving along a country road when suddenly he saw a sign that said "dangerous bend to the left."

- What did he do? Obviously, no doubt, he turned right ...

Ferrari Panda and Seat have also for years to much even together ...:

- A Panda breaks on the shoulder and stands beside Ferrari. The Panda asks her trailer, but as long as does not exceed 100. The Ferrari accepts, with the understanding that, when you reach that speed, the Panda will beep to slow down. Accelerates: 80, 90, 100 and ¡¡¡pi, pi, pi !! The Ferrari brakes. then they come to a stop light where there is another Ferrari, and suggests a pique that accepts. 80, 90, 100 and ¡pi, pi, pi !! The Ferrari does not stop under the gaze of a passerby that the next day she tells a friend.

- "Hey, you know that yesterday I saw two Ferrari chipping?".

- "What's so strange?".

- "Well, you ... 'behind was a Panda honking like crazy and asking way !!!".

- He is a man in a Ferrari and ahead of a panda. Arrives at a stoplight and Ferrari takes out the index finger and pinky. The Panda, or case. He overtakes him again and again taunting finger out at the next light. Then the Panda takes out a sandwich.

- "What are you doing with that sandwich?" He says Ferrari.

- "Everyone takes what his wife makes him, right?" Replies the Panda.

- A criminal is going to see a lawyer.

- "Look, I need you to defend me, but I have not a penny to pay."

- The lawyer, surprised, replied: "And then, what do I win?".

- "Man, I have a new Ferrari, and if you win the case, I give".

- "All right, I agree. What he is acussed"?.

- "Just steal a Ferrari ...".

- A guy goes to a exuberant girl.

- "What is the probability sleep with you?".

- "0%".

- "What if I say that Ferrari FF there is mine?"

- "100%".

- "They were right at the dealership ... From 0 to 100 in 2 seconds!".

Finally, another classic that always comes up ... The fantastic car! It goes a long way short joke. There are some ...:

- You are more lost than Michael Knight in a Seat Panda.

- You have more lights Knight Rider dashboard.

- Work unless the plater Knight Rider.

- You are more expensive than car insurance fantastic.

- You have more discs brakes Knight Rider.

- You further than Fernando Alonso with the fantastic car.