There will be film ‘Knight Rider’ with David Hasselhoff (video)

David Hasselhoff He will reprise one of his best roles, that of Michael Knight. In the movie trailer 'Knight Rider: Heroes'(In Spain' Knight Rider ') we can see with his famous car.

Already in 1994 the film was shot 'Knight Rider 2010', Although in this case the film is not finished working. Probably because it was completely away from the original idea and did not appear nor KITT nor Halsselhoff itself. In 2008 it came to light 'Knight Rider 2008', A movie / episode in Spain was announced as' Knight Rider: The Movie'. This latter if it was well received and appeared KITT and his regular driver on the basis of a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR.

In this new trailer it seems to have a new film success, but will have to wait to see the premiere reception of the public.

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