Top 500 car dealers in Spain

Top 500 car dealers in Spain

If you are thinking of buying car, You can not miss this report we detail today. the detailed analysis between highway and Statista have been selected for the first time in our country 500 best car dealerships Spain, which they will be recognized as the best alternative to buy a vehicle.

This distinction is the result of the realization of amplio study to assess the quality perception of car sales outlets, whether authorized dealers or independent purchases. To do this, the magazine Statista highway and have performed over 20,000 assessments both end consumers and professionals, being assessed aspects such as advice received, bids, prices, total customer satisfaction and the provision of third to recommend the point of sale.

Of the 500 dealers, nearly a score can boast of having received a Note outstanding. But the dealer "10"Par excellence, according to respondents for Highway and Statista, is in the community of Andalusia, specifically in Motril. Automotive House, Official Service Volkswagen since 1995 in Granada, It is the only one who has obtained the highest appraisal of our study.

The full list of the 500 best dealers is published in the magazine Autopista number 2,991, which has gone on sale on January 17, and you can consult fully, and community by community, in the following link show below:

Top 500 car dealerships Spain